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CBSE Class 12th English Sample Paper Solutions

Every year CBSE releases official sample papers which are intended to give students a glimpse of their upcoming examinations.

CBSE has also like other years issued Sample Question Paper on 14th of January,2022.In order to have a proper understanding of the paper,EduRankers has decided to give you it's solutions.

Class 12th English CBSE Sample Paper 2021-2022:

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1)i)The writer's post-Jaws fear is not at all justified.This is due to the fact that there were only 2 shark attacks reported in the last 75 years from 1900-1975.The chances that he would encounter a shark was highly unlikely.

ii)From the given passage,it can be found that the narrator was adventurous and courageous.
He is also experimental in nature.He feared the tiger sharks and was also quite aware that they were dangerous.Yet,he accepted the assignment which required him to face the tiger sharks.

iii)Some people thought that the narrator was stupid because the narrator was assigned with a task to go to Tiger Beach where he had to live with Tiger Sharks and didn't pay heed to the fact that he was walking into obvious danger without the required knowledge of how to deal with those beasts.

iv)The people who are already quite familiar with them are least afraid of them because these sharks never attack them.On the contrary,the sharks feed on the food which is offered by them and remain docile around them.

v)Some academicians think that reward,as a form of discipline,is a simple black and white issue.

vi)The narrator has used the phrase "Benign Light" to suggest that Tiger Sharks are not actually as dangerous as he had thought them to be.On the other hand,they seemed fairly docile in comparison to other sharks.

vii)The most appropriate phrase within lines 11-19 is "under their belt".

viii)In the marine ecosystems,tiger sharks act as apex predators because they feed on a large number of sea turtles and thereby helps in limiting their numbers.This also prevents from the overgrazing of sea grass which supports the other life forms.

ix)Even if  the current scenario of Global Warming continues and becomes a major issue later on,the large number of offsprings may help Tiger Sharks to survive.This is because large numbers would ensure that some would definitely survive.

2)i)By changing food preferences,the researcher means the transition of the urban population from healthy home-cooked meals to ready-to-eat processed foods.

ii)The crux the survey was primarily aimed at the below mentioned two objectives:

To understand the food consumption pattern of urban adolescents.

Make recommendations based on the data.

iii)Around 47 of the adolescents drink 3 or more servings of energy dense beverages while 5% of the adolescents don't at all intake these energy dense drinks or similar beverages.

iv)Around half of the respondents (45%) in the fruit beverage segment don't at all intake any of the fruit made beverages.This is quite different from the segment of the energy dense snacks where around 90% of the respondents take one or the other type of servings.

v)It has been aptly observed that females have more nutritious dietary intake as they consumed more cereals, vegetables and fruits as compared to their male counterparts.

vi)An ideal school canteen should offer nutritious food at affordable rates because the given food is largely consumed by students.

vii)The required word is "self-administered."


775-B,Xponent Apartments,
Sopan Baug,

9th March,2022

Dear Nilakshi,

It was really a great pleasure to get invited to attend grandmother's eightieth birth anniversary 
celebration.It is definitely a wonderful occasion for all of us where all of us can be together and spend some really good time with each other.I just cannot wait and contain my excitement for the birthday.As you have already taken the initiative, please let me know how I can assist you to further make it better.My mere assistance is only because of the unconditional love I have for all of you.

Yours affectionately,

Ghar B-94
Balimela Road

Date: 14th April,2022

Nethra N
The Co-Ordinator(Each One Teach One)
4 Literacy,Ambaguda

Subject: Appointment as Volunteer for Each One Teach One campaign.

Respected Sir,

This is with reference to your advertisement published in 'The National Times' dated 13th January,2022 inviting volunteers to teach the underprivileged children.I want to present myself as of the potential candidates for the same.

I am currently 21 years old.I have recently completed my graduation and since I am preparing for the entrance of Post Graduation ,I would like to serve the community by offering my services for this noble cause.I don't have any experience in this field but I strongly believe that by undergoing the training conducted by you,I 
would be able to do justice to this campaign.I can speak and write fluent Odiya as it is my mother tongue.

I hope my qualifications will successfully meet your requirements.I am also attaching my resume which would help you with your selection.Thank you for taking this initiative.

Yours sincerely,



                        Each One Teach One 
                            -Vikram Nayak
            (Staff Reporter, "The Odia Bhaskar")

Malkangiri,Odisha 14th January:

In a grand programme held at the District Center,Malkangiri, the efforts of 400 volunteers of Each One Teach One campaign were applauded by the District Magistrate Shri V. Singh(IAS).

The well-known NGO, 4 Literacy, started the Each One Teach One campaign in the district of Malkangiri, Odisha.The campaign aims to teach the underprivileged children of our community.All the 400 volunteers involved in the noble work are from various different age groups.All the volunteers, the natives of Odisha and even freshers were given initial formal training by the NGO in association with the district administration.

The infrastructure— classrooms, blackboard, writing material and uniforms for the children etc is also funded by the NGO and the district administration.Various other organisations have also stepped forward to contribute for this noble cause.

The District Collector on behalf of the district administration had requested and appealed to the local masses to be liberal with the donations so that his campaign can move smoothly and benefit more number of people.


5)i)The ironsmith of the forge mistook the peddler for an old acquaintance named Captain Von Stalhe and this mistaken identity led to the discovery of a new one for him.It was the genuine kindness of Edla that reformed the peddler and lent him conviction to transform himself from a thief to sober person.He cleared his conscience and brought out the goodness which is inside every person.

ii)Meet Rajkumar Shukla,the man who played a pivotal role in the Champaran Movement.He is truly a determined in and resolute person who followed Gandhiji everywhere and finally convinced him to go to Champaran to help the poor farmers against the injustice.

iii)By the means of her poem,Adrienne Rich has criticized marriage,an important institution in our current society.She has suggested that, during her times,it oppressed women.Aunt Jennifer was similarly a victim of an unhappy marriage under a domineering husband chose embroidery to vent her anger against her husband.

The similarity between both of them was that both of them used their creative outlet as a form of protest against their social expectations.

iv)Things of beauty are just like the immortal drink of the Gods which flow forever and never cease to become stationary.Just as the endless fountain of immortality is an elixir of life,things of beauty are constant in providing the everlasting joy, motivation and bliss to humanity.

v)Derry's mother is overprotective and doesn't understand her son's longing for companionship.She treats him with a sense of pity and unknowingly she robs him of his dignity by perpetually treating him like a victim who is helpless.She is also to be blamed for his long isolation from others because of his facial injury.She also warns her not to return to Mr.Lamb's house.It is quite understandable that she has done all this with no intentional harm but from the context it can be observed that it has only brought more negativity into his life rather than any viable positive impact.

vi)The title "Should Wizard Hit Mommy?" is apt and justified in the given created context.The father is actually the narrator of the story who creates this perception that no parent can take any decision which is harmful or unjustified for their children.The story is narrated in such a way that two quite opposite viewpoints are presented.Jo,who was innocent,condemned this behaviour of the mother and and demanded a story where the wizard retaliated the mother because of the mother,the skunk again had to suffer.

The author deliberately keeps the story open-ended and doesn't necessarily enforce his opinion upon others.The question mark in the title of the story suggests that he has left it to the readers as to whether the mother skunk needs to be beaten or spared.This implies that the narrator is caught in a ugly middle field where there are only uncertainties.

6)i)Keats by the means of his poem has managed to describe his poem "A Thing of Beauty" in such a manner that it appeals to the inner senses of the reader and never fails to enchant them.

He has managed to establish this with powerful imagery and word play.Some of the notable instances from the story that the cooling comfort of the bower, dancing daffodils in its green environs, the babbling stream and the forests evoke our imagination along with sense of hearing,smell and sight.The stories of might and their doom appeals to our intellect.His poetic description represents beauty which appeals to our senses and gives us delight.

With all the above examples and several notable word plays,he has managed to create an image of beauty where it is permanent and non-destructible.This is the primary theme of the poem.

ii)Dexter has indeed placed various misleading clues along the lines which leads to deception.
Evans' jovial nature and friendly banter makes people pay no attention to the other side of his character which is using his sharp intellect to deceive people.The writer has also aptly inducted a lot of unnecessary information about the other characters which also makes the readers pay less attention to the protagonist of the story—Evans.Evans made sure that he kept the police busy in other things so that he could find a way to escape in the back drop.He also pretended to be the Churchman Mc Leery and successfully escaped the jail.

Thus,it can be concluded that Colin Dexter's "Evans Tries an O-Level"  is a creative and thrilling piece of writing where the narrative is based upon this highly complicated prison break and escape.

iii)"Indigo" is an excerpt of a biography which has both the features of a factual as well as a non-fiction texts.The factual information provided in the text with reference to the exact dates are recorded in order of occurrence.These events also show the working style of Gandhi who is still considered as a major global leader.
His form of politics revolved around the day-to-day problems of the millions of people around the nation and world.He made sure that he protests against injustice but in a peaceful manner.This was linked to his ideas of Satyagrah and Non-violence.These ideas were also quite prominent in his conflict resolution techniques.Hence,we can conclude that Indigo reiterates the fact that it includes features of non-fiction text.

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