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A Roadside Stand; NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 12

                           A Roadside Stand
                                                      -Robert Frost
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"A Roadside Stand" by Robert Frost is a poem which sympathises with the people of the countryside.It presents the lives of poor deprived people with pitiless clarity and shows how living in the countryside has resulted in deprivation of various amenities which people in the urban spheres have indulged long back.The poem describes the misery these people have been undergoing.The city people who drive through the countryside hardly stop at the roadside and if they even do,they do criticise them and people working in them.

Stanza-1:(The little old house....marred with the artless paint.)

The first stanza describes how there was a small house with a new shed outside it.The road was busy with cars and various other vehicles moving here and there.The newly-built shed was built to display items on sale and the owner was expecting that the passers-by and the 'sparkling' cars will stop by and buy his commodities or at least have a look on them.The condition of the shed aroused one's pity because it exbhited the disappointing feelings of the owner who was on the run to make some money.These people in the roadside stands don't seek any kind of favour from the city dwellers rather wanted some money in exchange of the things they are selling.Their money can help these countryside people and their families lead s better life than ever.The passers-by and cars are always new and sparkling clean but they don't pay much attention to the shed.The cars only think of their destination.And,by if any chance,they do stop by,they just complain that these sheds and huts are shabbily painted and contribute to the landscape being spoiled.

Stanza-2:(Of signs that with.... wouldn't be my complaint.)

Here,the poet describes that the people living in these sheds and rural spheres are poor and deprived of many amenities the city people indulge in.Their surroundings are not well-maintained.The poet also says signbaords which are pointing North and South directions wrong.The sheds offer various kinds of farm produce such as wild berries,golden squash with silver marks on it.The place is beautiful, according to the poet,and people should actually stop by here and enjoy the landscape of the mountains and countryside.The poet says that if they have the money then they should buy something from the sheds but if they are selfish then they should keep their money with themselves and not stop there.The poet says that he doesn't complain and the sheds have spoiled the scenery of the place.

Stanza-3:(So much as keeping from us.)

In this stanza,the poet says that these countryside folks who have opened a shed have been keeping trust on a promise which was unsaid and never done to them.The poet means by 'promise' is that these fellows expect that the cars passing by these sheds will stop and buy something from them.Their sheds are built far from the city and they expect that some money will flow from the pockets of these city dwellers into the hands of the shed owners.The shed owners are also desperate to make some money from the sale of their farm produce.As they see in pictures and books,they have laid their trust on these ideals such as person who immensely hard achieves quick success and money.The poet adds that the political party in power has stopped the flow of cash and fulfilled their promises.

Stanza-4:(It is in the night the ancient way.)

It is in this stanza that the poet reveals that very soon all these sheds and huts will soon be bought by the government and the people living in these places will be relocated to new places.They are made big promises which they have never imagined in their lives such as having movie theatres and grocery stores near their new location.These people from the rural spheres will not be anymore unhappy or worry about their future.However,the poet actually unveils the malicious intentions these people who are trying to put up a show that they are doing good deeds but in reality are destroying these people's lives and only looking for their own personal benefit.Nothing is done for these poor folks of the countryside.The poet has called these politicians and affluent people as "greedy good-doers" and "beneficent beasts" because of the very same reason.In reality,they are presenting these helpless people with all these benefits and perks which is actually a part of the bigger plan where these people are put in a confusion.They tell these poverty-stricken people to sleep at nights without any worry and themselves sleep all-day and night long.Ironically,these people are the ones who are actually responsible for many sleepless nights of these shedowners.

Stanza-5:(Sometimes I feel myself...none,didn't it see?)

In this part of the poem,the poet is of the opinion that the childish desire in the hearts of these owners is useless.He just cannot watch the disappointed faces which they make when they open the window of the shed waiting for a car to stop by and buy something.Their whole day is wasted just by waiting there and it seems as if they are desperately praying to God that somebody would stop and buy their goods.They want the vehicles to put on their brakes and want to hear a car stop by.The poet thinks that all these cars which go on without paying any heed to store owners and their sheds,they are deemed as selfish.They are in the perpetual hope that someone might stop and atleast inquire about the price of the farm produce.One car finally stops there but their hope was short-lived as it was only there to take a turn around.Similiarly,some other cars also stop to ask for directions or buy fuel for their locomotives.The poet is fed up at this ignorance of the car riders as he opines that these people don't merely understand that these shed owners just cannot afford to sell fuel.

Stanza-6:(No,in country money....out of my pain.)

In this last stanza of the poem,the poet presents his final verdict where he opines that the kind of work these people do and the various commodities these people sell,it is next to impossible to uplift the conditions of these people.They don't have much access to resources which cannot get rid of them their disappointing conditions.They are surving in such a condition where they require a solution which would solve all their solutions in one go.And,as realistic as it may seem,perhaps only death is the only way to get rid of all their issues.The poet thinks that everything is doomed for these people.

Rhyme Scheme:

Difficult Words:
1)Dole of Bread:A tiny portion of bread.
3) Squash:(Here)A fruit.
4)Warts:A small growth on the outer surface.
5)Crossly:In an annoyed or angry way.
6)Beneficent: Generous or doing good.
7)Beasts of Prey:An animal killing other animal.
8)Out of their wits:In a perplexed or terrified                                           state.
9)Lurk:To remain hidden in order to attack                        someone.
10)Plow:Move in a fast or uncontrolled manner.
11)Requisite: Required.

Literary Devices:
1)Transferred Epithet:a)Polished Traffic                                                      b)Selfish Cars.
2)Personification:a)A roadside stand that too                                      pathetically pled.
3)Metaphor:a)Trusting Sorrow
4)Oxymoron & Alliteration:a)Greedy good-doers.                                                b)Beneficent Beats of                                                   Prey.
About Author:
Robert Lee Frost (March 26, 1874 – January 29, 1963) was an American poet.Known for his realistic depictions of rural life,he was honored frequently during his lifetime and is the only poet to receive four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry.

NCERT Questions:
Think it Out
1)The lines in the poem which indicate the above are as follows:
"The polished traffic passed with a mind ahead,or if ever aside a moment,then out of sorts,At having the landscape marred with the artless paint."

The city dwellers constantly complained about the fact that these sheds which are having shabbily painted walls has completely spoiled the beauty of the landscape.

2)The shed owners pled for the flow of cash from the pockets of city dwellers into their hands so that they can also lead a better life and also make good use of the money.They want to feel the money on their hands.They desperately needed the money as the lines in the poem also indicate that they even prayed for it.

3)The words which is used by the poet to unveil their reality is all the words in the 3rd stanza such as "Greedy Good-doers" and "Beneficent Beasts of Prey" because the politicians and rich people who seemingly help these shed owners are actually trying to benefit from them.

4)The "Childish longing" that the poet refers to is the desire of the shed owners that some cars will stop to buy something or at least enquire the prices of the farmer's produce.This desire remains unfulfilled because it is a futile exercise as car stops by and by keeping the window open,the effort is wasted.

5)These lines from the poem describes the poet's feelings for the shed owners: "I cannot help owning the great relief it would be,To put these people are one stroke out of their pain".

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Notice Writing for Board Examinations

Notice writing is quite an important skill in any language and one should must know about the basic facts regarding it.As for examinations,Notice writing carries 5 marks.

Notice is usually defined as a formal piece of writing which is a short composition written in order to provide information regarding a particular context or make some formal announcement.As it is meant for many people at the same time,it should must be simple and lucid and must not contain any fancy words which would result in inconvenience for the reader.It is usually put on the noticeboard or published in the newspapers.

Some points to remember while writing a notice:

A notice is meant to be to-the-point.However,at the same time,it should have comprehensive information about the given context.The purpose of the notice needs to be clear by reading it.It should range between 50-60 words in its word count unless stated.

The very word "NOTICE" along with a proper title and issuing organization should be mentioned.Date of issuing is also required.

The notice must be bounded by a box around it in your examination copy.At first write the notice and then draw it as it would keep your writing neat.

Specific attention needs to be paid to the grammar of the notice.A notice is written in 3rd person and always passive voice.And,while the choice of the tenseis based on the nature of notice,future time reference is mainly used more.

Format of the Notice:

While notice's format remains the same,they are of various different kinds:

An example has been provided for the same to have better understanding of the topic.Some more questions on notice writing and other important writing section work will soon be published.

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Super Notes for Liquid Solutions

This post contains"SUPER NOTES" for the Chapter Liquid Solutions.This is quite important chapter from JEE as well as Class 12 Boards point of View.We sincerely hope that you will like this effort of ours to provide you with the handwritten notes of this chapter.

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Super Notes For Solid State

This post contains"SUPER NOTES" for the Chapter Solid State.This is quite important chapter from JEE as well as Class 12 Boards point of View.We sincerely hope that you will like this effort of ours to provide you with the handwritten notes  of this chapter.

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CBSE Class 12th English Sample Paper Solutions

Every year CBSE releases official sample papers which are intended to give students a glimpse of their upcoming examinations.

CBSE has also like other years issued Sample Question Paper on 14th of January,2022.In order to have a proper understanding of the paper,EduRankers has decided to give you it's solutions.

Class 12th English CBSE Sample Paper 2021-2022:

Image Courtesy:CBSE Official Website
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1)i)The writer's post-Jaws fear is not at all justified.This is due to the fact that there were only 2 shark attacks reported in the last 75 years from 1900-1975.The chances that he would encounter a shark was highly unlikely.

ii)From the given passage,it can be found that the narrator was adventurous and courageous.
He is also experimental in nature.He feared the tiger sharks and was also quite aware that they were dangerous.Yet,he accepted the assignment which required him to face the tiger sharks.

iii)Some people thought that the narrator was stupid because the narrator was assigned with a task to go to Tiger Beach where he had to live with Tiger Sharks and didn't pay heed to the fact that he was walking into obvious danger without the required knowledge of how to deal with those beasts.

iv)The people who are already quite familiar with them are least afraid of them because these sharks never attack them.On the contrary,the sharks feed on the food which is offered by them and remain docile around them.

v)Some academicians think that reward,as a form of discipline,is a simple black and white issue.

vi)The narrator has used the phrase "Benign Light" to suggest that Tiger Sharks are not actually as dangerous as he had thought them to be.On the other hand,they seemed fairly docile in comparison to other sharks.

vii)The most appropriate phrase within lines 11-19 is "under their belt".

viii)In the marine ecosystems,tiger sharks act as apex predators because they feed on a large number of sea turtles and thereby helps in limiting their numbers.This also prevents from the overgrazing of sea grass which supports the other life forms.

ix)Even if  the current scenario of Global Warming continues and becomes a major issue later on,the large number of offsprings may help Tiger Sharks to survive.This is because large numbers would ensure that some would definitely survive.

2)i)By changing food preferences,the researcher means the transition of the urban population from healthy home-cooked meals to ready-to-eat processed foods.

ii)The crux the survey was primarily aimed at the below mentioned two objectives:

To understand the food consumption pattern of urban adolescents.

Make recommendations based on the data.

iii)Around 47 of the adolescents drink 3 or more servings of energy dense beverages while 5% of the adolescents don't at all intake these energy dense drinks or similar beverages.

iv)Around half of the respondents (45%) in the fruit beverage segment don't at all intake any of the fruit made beverages.This is quite different from the segment of the energy dense snacks where around 90% of the respondents take one or the other type of servings.

v)It has been aptly observed that females have more nutritious dietary intake as they consumed more cereals, vegetables and fruits as compared to their male counterparts.

vi)An ideal school canteen should offer nutritious food at affordable rates because the given food is largely consumed by students.

vii)The required word is "self-administered."


775-B,Xponent Apartments,
Sopan Baug,

9th March,2022

Dear Nilakshi,

It was really a great pleasure to get invited to attend grandmother's eightieth birth anniversary 
celebration.It is definitely a wonderful occasion for all of us where all of us can be together and spend some really good time with each other.I just cannot wait and contain my excitement for the birthday.As you have already taken the initiative, please let me know how I can assist you to further make it better.My mere assistance is only because of the unconditional love I have for all of you.

Yours affectionately,

Ghar B-94
Balimela Road

Date: 14th April,2022

Nethra N
The Co-Ordinator(Each One Teach One)
4 Literacy,Ambaguda

Subject: Appointment as Volunteer for Each One Teach One campaign.

Respected Sir,

This is with reference to your advertisement published in 'The National Times' dated 13th January,2022 inviting volunteers to teach the underprivileged children.I want to present myself as of the potential candidates for the same.

I am currently 21 years old.I have recently completed my graduation and since I am preparing for the entrance of Post Graduation ,I would like to serve the community by offering my services for this noble cause.I don't have any experience in this field but I strongly believe that by undergoing the training conducted by you,I 
would be able to do justice to this campaign.I can speak and write fluent Odiya as it is my mother tongue.

I hope my qualifications will successfully meet your requirements.I am also attaching my resume which would help you with your selection.Thank you for taking this initiative.

Yours sincerely,



                        Each One Teach One 
                            -Vikram Nayak
            (Staff Reporter, "The Odia Bhaskar")

Malkangiri,Odisha 14th January:

In a grand programme held at the District Center,Malkangiri, the efforts of 400 volunteers of Each One Teach One campaign were applauded by the District Magistrate Shri V. Singh(IAS).

The well-known NGO, 4 Literacy, started the Each One Teach One campaign in the district of Malkangiri, Odisha.The campaign aims to teach the underprivileged children of our community.All the 400 volunteers involved in the noble work are from various different age groups.All the volunteers, the natives of Odisha and even freshers were given initial formal training by the NGO in association with the district administration.

The infrastructure— classrooms, blackboard, writing material and uniforms for the children etc is also funded by the NGO and the district administration.Various other organisations have also stepped forward to contribute for this noble cause.

The District Collector on behalf of the district administration had requested and appealed to the local masses to be liberal with the donations so that his campaign can move smoothly and benefit more number of people.


5)i)The ironsmith of the forge mistook the peddler for an old acquaintance named Captain Von Stalhe and this mistaken identity led to the discovery of a new one for him.It was the genuine kindness of Edla that reformed the peddler and lent him conviction to transform himself from a thief to sober person.He cleared his conscience and brought out the goodness which is inside every person.

ii)Meet Rajkumar Shukla,the man who played a pivotal role in the Champaran Movement.He is truly a determined in and resolute person who followed Gandhiji everywhere and finally convinced him to go to Champaran to help the poor farmers against the injustice.

iii)By the means of her poem,Adrienne Rich has criticized marriage,an important institution in our current society.She has suggested that, during her times,it oppressed women.Aunt Jennifer was similarly a victim of an unhappy marriage under a domineering husband chose embroidery to vent her anger against her husband.

The similarity between both of them was that both of them used their creative outlet as a form of protest against their social expectations.

iv)Things of beauty are just like the immortal drink of the Gods which flow forever and never cease to become stationary.Just as the endless fountain of immortality is an elixir of life,things of beauty are constant in providing the everlasting joy, motivation and bliss to humanity.

v)Derry's mother is overprotective and doesn't understand her son's longing for companionship.She treats him with a sense of pity and unknowingly she robs him of his dignity by perpetually treating him like a victim who is helpless.She is also to be blamed for his long isolation from others because of his facial injury.She also warns her not to return to Mr.Lamb's house.It is quite understandable that she has done all this with no intentional harm but from the context it can be observed that it has only brought more negativity into his life rather than any viable positive impact.

vi)The title "Should Wizard Hit Mommy?" is apt and justified in the given created context.The father is actually the narrator of the story who creates this perception that no parent can take any decision which is harmful or unjustified for their children.The story is narrated in such a way that two quite opposite viewpoints are presented.Jo,who was innocent,condemned this behaviour of the mother and and demanded a story where the wizard retaliated the mother because of the mother,the skunk again had to suffer.

The author deliberately keeps the story open-ended and doesn't necessarily enforce his opinion upon others.The question mark in the title of the story suggests that he has left it to the readers as to whether the mother skunk needs to be beaten or spared.This implies that the narrator is caught in a ugly middle field where there are only uncertainties.

6)i)Keats by the means of his poem has managed to describe his poem "A Thing of Beauty" in such a manner that it appeals to the inner senses of the reader and never fails to enchant them.

He has managed to establish this with powerful imagery and word play.Some of the notable instances from the story that the cooling comfort of the bower, dancing daffodils in its green environs, the babbling stream and the forests evoke our imagination along with sense of hearing,smell and sight.The stories of might and their doom appeals to our intellect.His poetic description represents beauty which appeals to our senses and gives us delight.

With all the above examples and several notable word plays,he has managed to create an image of beauty where it is permanent and non-destructible.This is the primary theme of the poem.

ii)Dexter has indeed placed various misleading clues along the lines which leads to deception.
Evans' jovial nature and friendly banter makes people pay no attention to the other side of his character which is using his sharp intellect to deceive people.The writer has also aptly inducted a lot of unnecessary information about the other characters which also makes the readers pay less attention to the protagonist of the story—Evans.Evans made sure that he kept the police busy in other things so that he could find a way to escape in the back drop.He also pretended to be the Churchman Mc Leery and successfully escaped the jail.

Thus,it can be concluded that Colin Dexter's "Evans Tries an O-Level"  is a creative and thrilling piece of writing where the narrative is based upon this highly complicated prison break and escape.

iii)"Indigo" is an excerpt of a biography which has both the features of a factual as well as a non-fiction texts.The factual information provided in the text with reference to the exact dates are recorded in order of occurrence.These events also show the working style of Gandhi who is still considered as a major global leader.
His form of politics revolved around the day-to-day problems of the millions of people around the nation and world.He made sure that he protests against injustice but in a peaceful manner.This was linked to his ideas of Satyagrah and Non-violence.These ideas were also quite prominent in his conflict resolution techniques.Hence,we can conclude that Indigo reiterates the fact that it includes features of non-fiction text.

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Indigo; NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 12

                                              -Louis Fischer
Image Courtesy:NCERT;Ncert Books by Supercop
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The author had first met Gandhi in the year 1942 at his ashram in Sevagram.Gandhiji had told him he initiated the departure of the British forces from India.He recalled that he had visited Champaran in 1917 at the sincere request of a sharecropper named Rajkumar Shukla.

Actually,Gandhiji had gone to Lucknow to attend the annual meeting of the Indian National Congress in 1916.There he met Shukla who had come all the way from Champaran.He seeked his help in order to safeguard the economic interests of the sharecroppers.Gandhiji told Shukla that he was busy but Shukla was insistent.He accompanied him to various places until Gandhiji agreed to come with him.

His firm will impressed Gandhiji a lot and he promised Shukla that he would be in Calcutta on a particular date and then Shukla could come and take him to Champaran.After meeting each other in Calcutta,they boarded a train from for Patna.There,they went to the house of a lawyer named Rajendra Prasad who went on to become the first President of independent India.However,Mr.Prasad was not at home.

In order to get a more unbiased and comprehensive image of the entire scenario,Gandhiji along with Shukla reached Muzzafarnagar on 15th April,1917.He was given a warm welcome by Professor J.B. Kriplani and his students.He was literally surprised to see such support for an advocate of "Swadesh"  like him in the rural localities too.

He met some lawyers who were already handling cases of the sharecroppers and peasants.As per their explanation,the contract stated that 15% of the peasants' land holding was to be reserved for the cultivation of Indigo,the crop of which the landlords were paid a rent.The system was indeed very oppressive and Gandhi wanted to help these sharecroppers.He visited the British Landlord Association  but was denied any sort of information because he was an outsider.He went to the commissioner of Tirhut division who threatened Gandhiji and asked him to leave Tirhut immediately.

But,it was not easy to shatter Gandhiji's adamant vision of helping the sharecroppers.Instead of returning,he went to Motihari.There he started gathering more information on the Indigo contract.He was also soon extended support from many lawyers who believed in the cause.

One day when he was on his way to meet a peasant who was maltreated by Indigo planters,he was stopped by the Police Superintendent messenger and served him with a notice that asked Gandhi to leave.But,Gandhi disobeyed the order.A case was filed against him.Many lawyers came to advise him but when he stressed,all of them joined his struggle and even consented to go to jail.

On the day of the trial,a large crowd gathered near the court.It became impossible to handle them but Gandhiji calmed them down and helped the officers control the mob.In his statement,he said that he was not at all a law breaker but disobeyed the notice knowingly so that he could help out the peasants.The judgement was made in favour of Gandhi where he was granted bail and later on the case against him was also dropped.

Now,again he and his associates tried their level best to conduct more data and information about the Indigo contract and its blatant misuse.A commission was formed to look into this matter.

An inquiry was conducted and the planters were found guilty and asked to pay back to the peasants.They offered only 25% of the amount but Gandhi accepted this offer because this freed the peasants from the binding Indigo contract.

Gandhiji also denied permission to Andrews,a peacemaker, to make an ashram in Champaran because he wanted Indians to be self-reliant.At the end,he told that the Champaran event left a lasting impression on him.He felt that he didn't need permission from anyone to do anything good while living in his own country.

Difficult Words:
i) Emaciated:Thin.
ii)Sharecroppers:A tenant farmer who gives a                                    part of each crop as rent.
iii)Cawnpore:British name for "Kanpur".
v)Yeoman:A man who cultivates a small piece of land.
vi)Arable:Land which is suitable for farming.
ix)Multitude:A large number of people.
x)Pronounce:(Here)To declare or announce.
xi)Reconvened:To start again after a small break.
xiii)Entrety:An earnest or humble request.
xiv)Abstractions:Something which exists only                                    as an idea.

About Author:
Louis Fischer (1896-1970) was born in Philadelphia.He served as a volunteer in the British Army between 1918-1920.Later on,he made a career as a journalist and wrote for The NY Times,The Saturday Review and for European and Asian publications.He was also a faculty member in the University of Princeton.

NCERT Questions:
A)Understanding the Text.

1)The Champaran event left a lasting impression in Gandhi's mind.He had solved the various problems faced by peasants and sharecroppers.They were relieved from the oppression they were facing for a long time because of the planters and the landlords.Thousands of people flocked out to support Gandhiji in this noble cause.The Champaran Movement is an important as it transformed Gandhi into a national figure.He was very clear that no outsider should instruct him or his countrymen about what to do and how to do it.

2)Gandhiji was always a good leader.He asked various lawyers about the ways by which they had helped the peasants.He listened them and tried his best to understand the plight of the sharecroppers.He made them realise their duty towards the farmers.They became so influenced by him that they were also ready to go behind the bars with Gandhiji.

3)During the Indian freedom struggle,most average Indians living in smaller localities feared to support the advocates of "Swadesh" as it that they were directly going against the British government. These people refrained from participating in any political demonstration or protests. However,in Champaran, the support Gandhiji got from the locals was very amazing. It was surprising for Gandhiji that Professor 
Malkani allowed him to stay at his house even though he was a government servant.

4)Along with the freedom fighters, ordinary people also contributed to the freedom movement extensively. This can also be observed by the following instances:

A large no. of students accompanied Prof. J.B. Kriplani to welcome Gandhi at Muzaffarnagar Railway Station.
A large no. of peasants also came to see him by foot.
To show support for Gandhi,a large no. of people also demonstrated around the courtroom.

B)Talking about the Text.

1)Poor people in the corners of India are slowly getting justice and empowered. But, one of the truth which still observed in these deprived sections of the society is that this still have a certain sense of fear from the the upper classes of the society. This can be attributed to the colonial times when the poor people fear the government authorities. This is what is needed that we must remove this element of fear from the minds of the people.

2)It is rightly said that bad team can come out victorious if it is having a good captain. A good leader is a person who gives credit to his team members but great leader is the one who does all the work in the background and takes credit for it. He continuously motivates his team members to become better version of themselves and takes care of everyone.

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Evans Tries An O-Level;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 12

                      Evans Tries An O-Level
                                                   -Colin Dexter
Image Courtesy:NCERT;Ncert Books by Supercop
Please tap on the image once to get a more sharper and legible copy of the book.

The story "Evans Tries An O-Level" by Colin Dexter is actually a crime thriller revolving around an escape plan of a prisoner called Evans.He had planned to escape the jail on the day of his German O-Level Language examination.

The story begins with a telephonic conversation between the Governor and the examination board secretary.The prison authorities wanted to conduct a O-Level examination in German language for a prisoner called as Evans.The secretary asked a few more questions regarding the venue and the person who would be invigilating the examination.To these questions,the Governor replied that the examination can be conducted in Evans' cell and a churchman named Stuart Mc Leery would be presiding over the examination to invigilate.They both end their conversation on this note that the examination needs to be conducted safely.

A senior official named Jackson visited Evans' cell to conduct an inspection so that any weapon which may be hidden in the cell could be removed.The prison authorities were a bit wary and apprehensive of Evans as he had earlier also tried to escape the prison.The Governor was also not all ready to take any risk in this case as it might bring a bad name to him.They had taken away his nail scissors earlier but now they also took away his razor blade.In the fear that he might escape,they were also taking away his hat but he insisted that they left it because it was lucky for him.

By this,all sorts of arrangements were made to keep a check on Evans with even a microphone placed in his cell.On the day of the examination,the churchman,Mc Leery reached the cell with assistance from Stephens.The Governor was told that the exam was about to begin and the cell had no weapons in it.Still then,to make all arrangements totally secure the Governor ordered the concerned officer to check Mc Leery's belongings so that Evans doesn't use any of it as a weapon.A paper knife from the belongings of the churchman was removed because Evans might have used to make a possible escape.They also found a semi-filled tube in the churchman's bag which the churchman said he used because he was suffering from piles.

Then,the examination began and everything spoken in the cell was constantly heard by the Governor.Meanwhile,a phone call from the examination board for some amends in the question paper made him suspicious.He cross checked it by dialing the contact number again but it was busy.Again,there was a phone call from the Magistrate demanding for some police officers and a van.Such things were making the Governor suspicious but he calmed down as he was quite sure of his security arrangements.

Stephens was positioned just outside the cell and glanced into the cell periodically.There was nothing at first but later on he found that Evans had put a blanket around himself.At first,he was suspicious but stopped thinking much because it was also really cold inside the cell.

After the examination was conducted,as per the Governor's orders,Stephens escorted Mr. Mc Leery to the prison gate.Everything went as planned and Stephens was satisfied to have done his work with accuracy.To be certain of himself,he again went to the cell for a final check.Here,he was completely shocked what he saw next.

Mc Leery was lying in a pool of blood.Soon,the news was out that Evans had escaped the jail by impersonating his exam invigilator and injuring him.Mc Leery was immediately taken to the Governor as he had something important news to share with him.He told the Governor that a photocopy was placed on question paper which shared the escape plan with Evans.

The governor decoded the photocopy to which he found that Evans would reach NewBury after his jail break.Soon,Superintendent Carter was called and Mc Leery was sent with him to catch Evans.Jackson and Stephens were taken into task for being unaware about Evans having a false beard and the churchman's belongings in the cell.He ordered both of them to go to St.Aldates Police station and meet Chief Inspector Bell.

In this while,Carter called him up to inform that they missed Evans while chasing him and Mc Leery was sent to Radcliffe hospital.The governor called up the hospital to know that they had sent an ambulance to the examination board but the churchman had already disappeared.Now,all the pieces of the puzzle were slowly falling in place in the Governor's mind as he decoded the entire plan of Evans.He understood that all this time the Mc Leery who was helping them chase Evans was actually Evans himself.

When searched for,the real Mc Leery was found tied up in his house by the police.The Governor promptly took counter action as he didn't want to let Evans escape again.Evans had reached a hotel called as Golden Lion and enjoying his new-found freedom.When he reached his room though,he was taken aback.The Governor was already waiting for him inside the room.

The Governor warned him that there is no way for him to escape as his men were all around them.The Governor curiously asked about his plan and Evans explained it to them in each detail getting attention.After all this,the prison van was called to take Evans to the prison back.The Governor was also very proud that he had caught him.

As soon as the van turned on its ignition,the prison officer unlocked his handcuffs and asked the driver to drive fast so that they could escape the police.Once again,Evans had escaped the police with the help of his associates.

Difficult Words:
i)Cost him a packet:To cost a lot of money.
ii)Kleptomania:A strong desire to steal.
iv)Incommunicado:Not able or allowed to                                               communicate.
v)Guten Gluck:German word for 'Good Luck'.
vi)Herr:German word for 'Mister'.
vii)Danke Schon:German word for 'Thank You'.
viii)Haven't a cat in Hell's chance:To be completely unable to do something.
x)Ramrod:(Here)A strict supervisor.
xi)Paper Knife:Blunt knife used to cut paper.
xii)Reverend:A member of the church.
xv)Twang:A strong ringing sound.
xvi)Jack-Knife:A large knife with a folding                                       mechanism.
xvii)Riffle:To turn pages quickly.
xviii)Haemorrhoids:A swollen vein or a group of                                    veins.
xxi)Staccato:A short musical note.
xxii)Blither:A long conversation with no real                             substance.
xxiii)Askew:Tilted or angled.
xxvii)Crescendo:The loudest point of a sound.
xxx)Bobble:A small ball attached to a hat.
xxxi)Fiddling:Something which is pretty                                       annoying.
xxxiii)Pint:A unit of volume.
xxxiv)Clambered:To climb.

About Author:
Norman Colin Dexter was born on 29th September,1930 was an English crime writer known for his "Inspector Morse" series of novels.He has also received a "Macavity Award" for this story 'Evans Tries an O-Level'.He was also appointed as Officer of the order of the British Empire because of his services to literature.

NCERT Questions:
A)Reading with Insight.

1)It was Evans who had the last laugh.This certainly depicts that the criminals always remain one step ahead of legal authorities.The whole play is centred around the theme which makes fun of the routine procedure followed by prison authorities and policemen.The last laugh of Evans signified that he,inspite of all security arrangements,escaped from prison victoriously.
He had successfully deceived all of the prison workforce.

2)On his return to the cell,Stephens saw a man sprawling back in Evans' chair.The small black beard,white clerical collar and the black clerical front and blood dripping from his forehead immediately alarmed him and tensed him.This was so sudden and tense that he immediately jumped on to the conclusion that Evans had escaped and everybody was after catching him while nobody even cared to verify the identity of
Mc Leery.

For clever criminals like Evans,it was all a cake walk where nobody paid him much attention and he managed to escape.He was also familiar about what ways they would try to catch him.It was his passport to freedom.

3)The Governor should have himself taken Evans back to the prison because he had only two persons with him.He didn't bother to check the identity of the prisoners' officers with whom he was leaving Evans with.This was because layer on it was find that they were associates of Evans who helped him escape.

The Governor is credulous and a ordinary policeman like others in his team because in his enthusiasm to locate and send him again back to jail had made him forget to take care of the basic security protocols.He also made a mistake by putting his faith in the wrong persons.

4)People definitely condemn the crime as it is certainly an evil act against law and society.They are also punished.But,efforts are also continuously made in order to reform these criminals.These efforts do show the desired results in the long term and make the concerned authorities a bit inclined towards these people.Sympathy for these people as they live and spend their life in prisons is also one of the probable reasons.

5)Crime and punishment are like a train where the latter follows the farmer.Only when a crime is commited,law agencies chase these offenders and charge them.After nabbing them, suitable sentences are given to them on the basis of which they are punished.Since,all the parties try to come out victorious,criminals and law agencies are always engaged in a perennial battle to outwit the other party.

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