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Father to Son;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 11

                               Father to Son
                                       -Elizabeth Jennings
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"Father to Son" by Elizabeth Jennings is a poem about the anguish of a fatner who doesn't have a good relationship with his son.His son is grown up andis quite busy in his life.The father is bitter about the generation gap between them and the feeling of separation.

In the above lines,the poet shares his feelings about his relationship with his son.He says that although both of them lived in the same house for many years,they really don't understand each other.The poet doesn't know much about his feelings,likes and dislikes.He ponders over the fact that his son has changed a lot as he has grown up.

In this stanza,the poet describes the communication gap between them.The father thinks that his son is mentally present in another world of his own.However,the father cannot access this world.They talk like strangers with each other and there is no sign of understanding between them.He could never get intimate with his son.

In the above lines,the poet tries to convey the silence between them.His father wanted him to return to his house,the one he knew.He didn't want his son to move around and make his own world.The distance between them was increasing mentally and he was ready to go of the sorrows he had inside him because of him.He wanted to love his son all over again.

The son speaks for the first time in the above lines.He also feels sad about the growing distance between him and his father.He shares that he is at a junction in life where he doesn't understand himself.His anger is arising out of his sadness  and loneliness.

These above lines make it completely certain that both of them feel frustrated about the gap between them.Both of them want to forgive each other and move on.However,both of them are putting out an empty hand for the one to seek,always in vain.

Difficult Words:
2)Sown:To do something which will bring a                         result.

Rhyme Scheme:
Free Verse.

Poetic Devices:
1)Similie:Comparision between like things.
                "We speak like strangers."
2)Alliteration:Repetition of consonant sounds.
                       "Silence surrounds us."
3)Metaphor:Indirect comparison between two                           things or qualities.
                    "I would have .... His Father's house."

About Author:
Elizabeth Jennings (18th July,1926-26th October,2001) was an English poet.She was born in Boston, Lincolnshire but later on moved to Oxford.She had won many notable awards such as Somerset Maugham award.Regarded as a traditionalist,she is known for her lyric poetry.

NCERT Questions
A)Think it Out.

1)The poem is personal in nature and describes a relationship between a father and son.It revolves around an exclusively intimate experience.However,it gradually rises to a fairly universal phenomenon-growing gap in communications between 2 different generations mentally.

2)The father's helplessness is brought about by the existing circumstances at their house.There is no bond of affinity or relationship between the two.They are not even speaking to each other even if they are staying under the same roof.The father feels helpless that he cannot share what his son likes.

3)The phrases indicating the distance between them are as follows:
"I don't understand this child." , "I know nothing of him." and "Silence surrounds us." et cetera.

4)No,the poem has no consistent rhyme scheme.The first 2 stanzas have the rhyme scheme - "ab ba ba" whereas the 3rd and 4th have a slight alteration.The 3rd stanza has "abc aba" as rhyme scheme whereas the 4th stanza has "abbcb" as rhyme scheme.Overall,the poem has no specific rhyme scheme therefore becoming a free verse.

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