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Notice Writing for Board Examinations

Notice writing is quite an important skill in any language and one should must know about the basic facts regarding it.As for examinations,Notice writing carries 5 marks.

Notice is usually defined as a formal piece of writing which is a short composition written in order to provide information regarding a particular context or make some formal announcement.As it is meant for many people at the same time,it should must be simple and lucid and must not contain any fancy words which would result in inconvenience for the reader.It is usually put on the noticeboard or published in the newspapers.

Some points to remember while writing a notice:

A notice is meant to be to-the-point.However,at the same time,it should have comprehensive information about the given context.The purpose of the notice needs to be clear by reading it.It should range between 50-60 words in its word count unless stated.

The very word "NOTICE" along with a proper title and issuing organization should be mentioned.Date of issuing is also required.

The notice must be bounded by a box around it in your examination copy.At first write the notice and then draw it as it would keep your writing neat.

Specific attention needs to be paid to the grammar of the notice.A notice is written in 3rd person and always passive voice.And,while the choice of the tenseis based on the nature of notice,future time reference is mainly used more.

Format of the Notice:

While notice's format remains the same,they are of various different kinds:

An example has been provided for the same to have better understanding of the topic.Some more questions on notice writing and other important writing section work will soon be published.

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