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Landscape of the Soul;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 11

                      Landscape of the Soul
                                             -Nathalie Trouveroy
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"Landscape of the Soul" by Nathalie Trouveroy is a piece of writing where the briefly discusses about art and its forms.She precisely contrasts between the two forms of arts-Chinese and European art with certain stories and instances.

In China,during the 8th century,the Tang emperor Xuanzong commissioned a painter Wu Daozi to decorate a wall in the palace. Upon seeing the wall painting,the emperor started noticing the outer appearance of the painting but the painter drew his attention to a cave at the foot of the mountain in the painting. The painter told the emperor that he would take him inside. The painter entered the cave and the entrance closed behind him. The emperor was totally astonished and before he could utter a word the painting was vanished along with the painting's creator.

In another story, a painter wouldn't draw an eye of a dragon as he was apprehensive the dragon would fly out of the painting.

In another European legend, a master blacksmith falls in love with the painter's daughter. But the daughter's father didn't approve of the relationship because of the boys profession. The blacksmith sneaked into his painting studio and painted a fly on the painter's latest panel.The fly seems so real that the painted tried to hit it first before realising that it was the painting.After this incident,the painter accepted him as a trainee in his studio. The blacksmith married the painter's daughter eventually. He also became one of the greatest painters of his time.

These stories unveil as to how art form is believed to be followed in two different regions of the world. In Europe,the painter wants one  to borrow his eyes and looked at a particular landscape from a specific angle. Whereas the Chinese painter doesn't use a single view point. The Chinese artist wants the individual to enter his mind and explore the piece of art that is abstract.According to him the landscape is an inner one,spiritual and conceptual space.

The concept is called "Shanshui"which means "mountain water".When they are used together they make the word landscape. These represent two complementary poles, reflecting the Daoist view of the universe. The mountain is "Yang"preaching vertically upwards towards the heavens and is active,masculine,stable,warm why the water is "Yin"which is resting on earth and is moist,cool,receptive and feminine. These are the fundamental aspect of the "Daoism" but what is often overlooked and ignored is essential third element-the "Middle Void" where their interactions takes place.

This is where "Man" finds a fundamental role. In that space between the heaven and the earth,he becomes the conduit of communication between both the poles of the universe. Man's presence is very essential even if it is not suggested.

Difficult Words:
1)Commissioned:Produced specially for order.
2)Sire:A respectful form of addressing someone.
3)Zhuangzi:A Chinese philosopher.
4)Anecdote:A short interesting story of a real                           person.
5)Flanders:A midieval country in western                                 Europe.
6)Antwerp:A city in Northern Belgium.
7)Delicate Realism:The quality of art that makes                                   it seem real. 
8)Swat:Hit or crush something.
9)Illusionistic Likeness:An illusion created                                                     which resembles                                                       something.
10)Figurative Painting:Metamorphic                                                             representation of an art.
11)Conceptual Space:Relation with an abstract 
12)Receptive:Ready to mate.
14)Conduit:A pipe or tube through which                                  something is conveyed.
15)Lofty:Of imposing heights.
16)Mooted:To suggest or raise a question for                          discussion.
17)Propounding:Put forward for consideration                                 by others.
18)Dizzying:Causing someone feel amazed.
19)Exposition:A large public exhibition of art or                             trade goods.

About Author:
Nathalie Trouveroy is an art historian.She came into the limelight for translating a book named "City Of Djinns" written by William Dalrymple.She had travelled a lot around the world.She holds a degree in Chinese art forms from the University of Belgium.She has great passion for history and architecture as well.

NCERT Questions:
A)Understanding the Text.

1)i)The Chinese paintings are based on imaginative,inner or spiritual approach whereas the European paintings reproduce an actual view of an external or real object.The Chinese painters such as Wu Daozi,Zhuangzi and the European painters illustrate these stark differences.

ii)The concept of "Shanshui" is an interesting one."Shanshui" is a Chinese word which means 'mountain water'.It is actually an art from which involves natural landscapes,the landscape which is an inner,spiritual and conceptual space.It represents the two complementary poles i.e. "Yin" and "Yang" reflecting the Daoist view of the universe.

2)i)'Outsider Art' refers to a form of art by people who have no formal training in this niche.Despite this they show amazing talent and skills in art or painting.
'Art Brut' or 'Raw Art' are the works of art in their raw state as regards to cultural or artistic influences.

ii)The "untutored genius" was Nek Chand who had created a 'paradise'.He was a 80-year old man who was an architect and sculptor by profession.He had transformed a big area full of trash into a place of utmost beauty by assembling recycled materials into statues of women.He was popular figure for the "Outsider Art" movement in India.One of his famous creations were-"Women by the waterfall".

B)Talking about the Text.

1)The statement tries to convey the message that even though an Emperor might rule an entire kingdom and have his power over his conquered territory,only the artist is capable of going beyond any material appearance.He is well-aware of the path and the method of the mysterious work of the universe.True meaning his work can be seen only by means known to him,irrespective of how powerful an emperor is.

2)The statement tries to express that in Chinese art,the artist wants you to enter his mind Ratner than borrowing his eyes.This is a physical as well as mental participation.The landscape is an abstract concept created by the artist where one can even travel.The landscape is not 'real' so it can be reached from any point.

C)Thinking about Language.

1)We also find mention of 'Yin' and 'Yang' in Indian scriptures too.Our culture lays stress on Nature and God.Nature is the 'Yin' or the female part in our scriptures whereas 'Yang' is God in the Indian context.This concept is also known as "Maya" or "Brahma".The combination of the two creates the whole world along with all the elements.

2)'French' is the language spoken in Flanders which is a region in Belgium.

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