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MCQs for A Letter to God for Class 10.

                   MCQs for A Letter to God
According to latest examination pattern for CBSE 10th and 12th grade students,MCQs have become a vital assessment tool for the students to assess their performance.Here,we provide you with the MCQs of A Letter to God.

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 1)Who is the author of the lesson "A Letter to         God"?
G.L Fuentes
J.K Rowling
William Shakespeare
Roald Dahl

Correct Option:G.L Fuentes

2)What did Lencho think of the post-office               employees?

Bunch of Crooks

Correct Option:Bunch of Crooks
Lencho was certain God can never make a mistake.He had asked for 100 pesos but he had only received 75 pesos.He was under the thought that the post office people had taken his money.

3)How did he feel when he counted the money?


Correct Option:Angry
Lencho had asked for 100 pesos but he had only received 75 pesos.He was sure that the post office employees had taken the rest 25 pesos.

4)Why was Lencho not surprised on seeing the       money in the envelope?

He was too sad to acknowledge it.
He had unwavering faith in God.
He was an ungrateful man.
None of the above.

Correct Option:He had unwavering faith in God.
He had vested a lot of faith in God.He was always certain that God will help him in his bad times.

5)How much money did Lencho ask for?

100 pesos
1000 pesos
10 pesos
70 pesos

Correct Option:100 pesos
All of Lencho's crops were devastated in the rains and hailstorm.In order to sustain his family,he had asked God for a 100 pesos via a letter.

6)How much money was the postmaster able to     arrange?

100 pesos
75 pesos
30 pesos
70 pesos

Correct Option:70 pesos
Lencho had asked for 100 pesos.The postmaster wanted to help him and collected a sum of money.He himself parted with a small chunk of his salary.But he was only able to gather 70 pesos.

7)Why did the postmaster decide to reply to             Lencho's letter?

He was a good man.
He felt emphatic.
To preserve Lencho's faith in God.
All of these.

Correct Option:To preserve Lencho's faith in God.
He was at first laughing at Lencho's letter but then he became serious.He genuinely wanted to keep the faith of the writer of the letter in God intact.

8)Lencho compared the quantum of damage           with

Attack by Rats
Attack by Crows
Plaque of Locusts
None of the above

Correct Option:Plaque of Locusts
Lencho's entire field was destroyed by hailstorm.He compared this to the attack by a group of locusts who also don't leave anything after their attack on crops.

9)What was the immediate reaction of the               postmaster on seeing the letter?

Laughed whole-heartedly
Felt sad about what happened
Felt Emphatic

Correct Option:Laughed Whole-heartedly
He was astonished that a man had written a letter addressing directly to God.This was the first time he was seeing something like this.

10)'The postmaster was a fat,amiable man.' What is the meaning of amiable?

None of these

Correct Option:Friendly

11)Who was Lencho?


Correct Option:Farmer

12)Why did Lencho go out?

To call his wife
To call his sons
To collect the hailstorms
To feel the raindrops

Correct Option:To feel the raindrops
It was after a long time that his fields were receiving water.He,as a farmer,became ecstatic.He was so happy that he went out to feel the rain.

13)What did Lencho do when his crops were destroyed?

Lencho collected the hailstones
Lencho abandoned his family
Lencho called the police
Lencho wrote a letter to God

Correct Option:Lencho wrote a letter to God
Lencho had huge faith in God.When all his crops were devasted in the hailstorm,he had no other choice but to ask for help from God.

14)What was peculiar about Lencho's letter?

It was affixed with used stamps
It was written with red ink
It was addressed to God
It was affixed with a lot of stamps

Correct Option:It was addressed to God
Lencho in his desperate situation where he had no resources to sustain his family.His only ray of hope in this situation was help from God.

15)What does the word 'Ox' in the chapter mean?

Hardworking and simple person
A domestic animal
Both of the above
None of these

Correct Option:Hardworking and simple person

16)What does the story tell you about the character of Lencho?

He was very naive.
He was very hardworking.
He had faith in God.
All of the above

Correct Option:All of the above
Lencho was quite innocent and naive.He wasn't aware of the worldly rules.He worked like an ox in his cropfields.He had written a Letter to God 
which shows the amount of faith he had in God.

17)Where was Lencho's house situated?

In a valley
Near a river
In a village
None of the above

Correct Option:In a valley

18)What are the raindrops compared to?

Frozen Pearls
New Silver Coins

Correct Option:New Silver Coins
The phrase "new silver coins" meant better financial prosperity for Lencho and his family.

19)How did the postmaster help Lencho?

He asked the post office employees to          contribute money.
He asked his friends to give money.
He sent that money to Lencho through mail.
All of the above.

Correct Option:All of the above.
He wanted to preserve Lencho's faith in God.He raised money for this act of charity from various sources such as his own salary,his friends and colleagues.

20)What was the crop Lencho grew in his fields?

All of the above

Correct Option:Corn

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