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Black Aeroplane;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 10

                          Black Aeroplane
                                                -Fredrick Forsyth
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"The Black Aeroplane" by Fredrick Forsyth is an excellent story narrating the plight of a pilot who was up in the air.

The story starts with the pilot flying his old Dakota aeroplane back to England from France.The weather was pleasant and there was not a single cloud in the sky.The stars were shining above him and the moon was also coming up in the background behind him.That was 1:30 AM in the morning.

Through the radio,he called Paris Control and informed them that he was headed towards England.The voice from the radio answered him immediately and instructed him to turn 12 degrees then.He switched to the last fuel tank and steered the aircraft in the said direction.

Everything was fine until he was almost 150 kilometres from Paris.He saw some clouds and they were no less than humongous black mountains.He was in a dilemma then as he could n't fly over them and he didn't have enough fuel to turn back.He decided to take the risk and flew straight into the clouds.

Inside the clouds,it was a complete mess for the lone pilot.Everything was suddenly black and it was impossible to see anything.The old aircraft was tumbling inside the stormy clouds like coins in a piggy-bank.All the instruments were also dead on the aircraft.He had no radio,no compass and he could not know where he was.

Suddenly,amidst the black clouds,he saw another plane which was black in colour.This was the only gleam of hope for him.There was no lights on the plane's wings.The pilot inside the aircraft was waving at him and asking him to follow him.After almost 30 minutes on the air,the black aeroplane started going down and the narrator followed him unhesitatingly.

He was directed to a runway and soon he landed but by then the black aeroplane was nowhere to be seen.After walking away from the old Dakota,he asked the lady in the control center where was the other pilot of the black aeroplane.
The lady laughed at him and said him that he was the only one who was up in the sky in that stormy night.Who was the pilot who helped him still remains a myth.

Difficult Words:
1)Dakota:An aircraft's model.
2)Dead:(Here)Not Working properly.
3)Paris Control:Control Center for Air Traffic in                               Paris.

About Author:
Frederick McCarthy Forsyth CBE (born 25 August 1938) is an English novelist and journalist.Before becoming a journalist, Forsyth completed his National Service in the Royal Air Force as a pilot where he flew the de Havilland Vampire.By 2006, he had sold more than 70 million books in more than 30 languages.

NCERT Questions:
A)Thinking about the Text.

1)The "risk" refers to the act of flying into the storm directly.The pilot took the big risk as he wanted to be home and be with his family.He wanted to take a big fat English breakfast and he was of the opinion that the risk would be worth taking it.

2)The pilot was ready to take the risk head on.But as he was tearing through the storm,he was repeatedly questioning his decision.His compass stopped working,his radio would n't make contact.The plane was tumbling in the storm.It was becoming difficult to fly the plane.He was in deep mess.

3)The narrator says this intently as he had a kind of nightmare up in the clouds.He had an experience with the Dakota and he was quite relieved as he walked away from it.

4)When the narrator asked the lady about the black aeroplane and its pilot at the control tower,the lady was surprised.There was no other aircraft flying in the air that night according to the radar.The pilot came across as an absurd person in front of the lady.

5)I opine that the narrator's own courage and determination helped him in that stormy night.The sight of the black aeroplane was only a figment of his imagination.

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