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From the Diary of Anne Frank;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 10

                From the Diary of Anne Frank
                                                     -Anne Frank
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"From the Diary of Anne Frank" authored by Anne Frank herself is actually some chronicles in her diary.She was from a Jewish family and had to hide in Amsterdam during the 
World War-II.She was given this diary on her 13th birthday.The diary provided people with a naive description of a Jew's life during Hitler's rule in Germany which also made one of the most famous Holocaust victims ever.

The story starts with Anne telling her diary that writing in a diary is very strange experience for her.She thinks that nobody would be interested in the musings of a small girl.She also feels that by writing by a diary,she would be able to get all kinds of things off my chest.

She thinks that "Paper has more patience than people."She could easily vent out all her feelings and she won't be judged by anybody.She then jots down that actually she has not got a real friend.She admits that perhaps it is her problem that she doesn't confide in each other.She wants her diary to be her friend and she would call this friend "Kitty".

She tells that nobody would understand her entries in the diary unless if she doesn't give a brief sketch of her life.She tells how she has got the most adorable father who didn't marry her mother until she was twenty-five.Her sister Margot was born in Frankfurt in 1926 and she was born on 12th June,1929.They lived in Frankfurt until she was 4.

She also describes some important moments from her life until now.In the sixth form,at the end of the year,Mrs.Kuperus, and she herself were both in tears as they were separated.In the summer of 1941,her grandma fell ill and had to be operated.She passed away in January,1942 and she still loves her a lot.

Then,she came to the present date i.e. 20th June,1942.Here comes her first diary entry.
She tells how her entire class is nervous about who are the one who would be promoted to the next form.Half of their class are betting that who would be promoted to tbe next grade and who would be not promoted.She and her benchmate G.N. cannot stop laughing at these.Her only fear is "Maths".

She then also describes one of her teachers named Mr.Keesing who teaches maths and is annoyed with her.He had warned her many times not to talk in his class.After this,he even assigned her an extra homework to write an essay on "A Chatterbox".That evening after completing her other task,she wrote 3 pages for this.She argued that talking is a student's trait.She also wrote that she could reduce it but cannot eliminate it altogether.She also argued via her essay that she cannot do much about it as it was an inherited trait of her mother.

Eventually,after assigning some more essays,finally Mr.Keesing allowed her to talk.Moreover,he has started to make jokes now.

Difficult Words:
1)Musings:A period of reflection or thought.
2)Stiff-backed:(Here)Hard Cover.
3)Emigrated:To leave one's own country in order                        to settle permanently in another.
4)Staked:To bet.
5)Outbursts:A sudden release of strong                                      emotion.
6)Ramble:To talk or write at length in a                                    confused or inconsequential way
7)Incorrigible:Not able to be changed or                                        reformed.
8)Holocaust:The mass murder of Jewish people                        under the German Nazi regime                                during the period 1941–45.
9)Typhus:Typhus is a disease caused by                                 rickettsia or orientia bacteria.

About Author:
Annelies Marie Frank (12 June 1929-February 1945) was a German-Dutch diarist of Jewish heritage. One of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust, she gained fame posthumously with the 1947 publication of The Diary of a Young Girl.

NCERT Questions:
A)Thinking about the Text.

1)Yes,Anne was right when she said that the world would not be interested in the musings of a thirteen-year old girl because nobody knew her.She was yet to become popular.

2)Anne's diary was not very specifically aimed to write it in a specific manner.It didn't follow any specific format.It was a just some diary entries from a young girl and her life.Today,her diary has transformed into an important form of historical literature in where it has shown the pitiful way Jews lived in the reign of the Nazis.

Anne's diary was initially written in Dutch which was later translated into many languages.

3)Anne felt the need to give a brief sketch of her life to the diary to make it understandable for anyone who reads it.She wanted the reader to feel at ease while going through the diary.

Anne had named her diary as Kitty.For her,her diary,'Kitty' is her friend with whom she could share all her secrets.She indeed treated 'Kitty' as an insider.Her diary was her friend with whom it was lot more personal.

4)Anne has tried to explain the feelings for some people in her diary before writing any entry.Anne felt that her father,Otto Frank, was the most adorable father she had ever seen.She loved her grandmother very much and after her death,thought a lot about her.Anne was also very attached in the sixth form ,Mrs.Kuperus,and cried on separation from her.She felt that,Mr.Keesing was very strict and an 
old-fashioned person.

Anne's attachment towards the people around her shows that she was very lovable.She tried to find the best in a person.

5)In the first essay,assigned by Mr.Keesing,she tells and discusses about talking and the reasons behind her talkative nature.She justified her talkative nature by putting forward some points such as how talking is any student's trait.She could at best reduce it but cannot eliminate it.She also wrote that as this trait of talking is inherited from her mother and she cannot help this.

6)Mr.Keesing is unpredictable certainly.Initially,he gave Anne unusual punishments such as writing an essay on her talkative nature but finally pardons her altogether.He accepts her talkative nature and allowed her to talk.And surprisingly,he didn't assign her any more task.

7)i)Anne was reserved and was not able to make friends.She doesn't confide easily in anyone.

ii)Anne wanted to be different and be original She wanted to vent out her feelings in her diary rather than jotting them down facts.

iii)Anne has a good sense of humour in her narrative.

iv)Anne is a bit sort of judgemental about others.

v)Anne knew how to put forward arguments convincingly and in a better way.

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