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Long Walk to Freedom;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 10

                     Long Walk to Freedom
                                    -Nelson Rolihlala Mandela
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"Long Walk to Freedom" by Nelson Mandela is a small extract from his autobiography.In this chapter,he described his experience during the installation of South Africa's first democratic government and what made him work hard and struggle to achieve freedom for the coloured people of Africa.

The date 10th of May in 1994 was very clear in his mind and will be forever etched in his mind.
The day was bright and clear.For the past few days,he was surrounded by global leaders who had come to pay their respects and regards before the inauguration ceremony.The inauguration was quite special for South Africa as a nation as it was the largeat gathering of international leaders on South African soil.

The inauguration ceremony was organised to take place in the Sandstone Amphitheatre.This was a victory for the people of South Africa in true terms.Because once it used to be a seat of White supremacy whereas now it was the site for the establishment of South Africa's first democratic and non-racial government.

On that day,he was accompanied by his daughter Zenani.On the podium, Klerk was first sworn in as second deputy President.Then,Thabo Mbeki was sworn in as first deputy President.When it was Mandela's turn to take oath as President,he pledged to obey and uphold the constitution and devote himself to the well being of the people.He describes this installation to be a common victory for justice and peace along with freedom.

After a few moments,a chevron of South African Impala jets flew above them leaving a trail of black,red,green,blue and golden colours which were actually on the new South African flag.This  not only symbolised the pin-pointed precision of the military force but also the loyalty of military to the democracy.

On that,he was overwhelmed remembering his and his nation's past.He thought how the white-skinned people of South Africa patched up their differences and erected a system of racial domination over the dark-skinned peoe of their own land.The structure they ended up creating was one of the most inhumane societies,the world had ever witnessed.

He sadly recounted his past in his mind thinking about how a few years ago,a man from his community could not fulfill the responsibilities he/she has towards his/her community and society.Any person from his community who tried to live as a human being was punished and isolated.He was inevitably ripped off from his family to live without dignity in life.

He described how he had no ide ato join the freedom struggle or anything.As a boy,he was free to roam around,play in the fields and not troubled by anyone.However,as he grew up,he realised that his boyhood freedom was only an illusion.As a young man,he had no liberty or rights to live a normal or lawful life.

Then,as he saw more of the society he was living in,he found that freedom of everyone who looked like him was curtailed.He,therefore,joined the African National Congress for bring a revolutionary change and make apartheid unlawful.He explained how this intense desire for the freedom of the people to live their lives with dignity and self-respect which transformed his life.This quest for bringing freedom to his community has made all the difference.

Difficult Words:
1)Apartheid:A political system that separates                           people according to their race.
2)Besieged by:(Here)To be surrounded closely                              by.
3)Amphitheatre:A building without a roof,with                                  many rows of seats rising in                                    steps.
5)Emancipation:Freedom from restriction.
7)Array:An arrangement of troops.
9)Chevron:A pattern in the shape of a V.
10)Anglo-Boer:A situation or person related to                                Britishers and Boers.
11)Grimmest:Bad and hopeless.
13)Secrecy:The action of keeping something                            secret or the state of being kept                              secret.
14)Rebellion:The action or process of resisting                           authority, control, or convention.

About Author:
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela(18th July,1918-5th December,2013)was a South African 
anti-apartheid revolutionary, statesman and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.He was the country's first black head of state and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election.

NCERT Questions:
A)Thinking about the Text.

1)A huge number of global leaders came to attend the sworn-in ceremony of the African leaders because after a long time, South Africa had become independent from Apartheid.It signified the triumph of equality over racism.

2)Mandela by this statement means that he also has the same ideals as other African patriots that is to make South Africa a nation upholding the ideals such as equality and democracy.This statement also signifies that all the sacrifices the other freedom fighters had made had finally bore fruit.

3)We completely agree that the "depths of oppression" create "heights of character".Mandela illustrates this by quoting the names of his late comrades in the struggle against apartheid.This can be compared to the situation of our country during the freedom struggle which saw the advent of many great global personalities.

4)Mandela's perspective started changing about freedom as when he grew up.Mandela had no specific zeal to be free but as he grew up and went to different places,his outlook went under a complete makeover and the definition of freedom changed ffor Nelson Mandela.

5)The quest for freedom and liberty from apartheid and live life in a respectful manner completely changed his life.He was transformed into a bold man from a timid and frightened man he was earlier.He had to live anonymously on his own land.He had to sacrifice his family.But,this intense desire to gain independence for his community made him so determined that he finally took it.

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