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Fire and Ice;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 10

                                                                                                                     Fire and Ice
                                         - Robert Frost

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The poem "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost talks and discusses at length why and how the world will perish.The concept he debates here is how the world will perish.It is centered around the theme of "apocalypse".

The poet thinks that the world would perish due to fire.In the poem,"Fire" signifies deep rooted desire,avarice and lust.The poet thinks that these will definitely destroy the world completely.

However,at the same time,he thinks that if the world had to perish twice,"Ice"would be the reason.In the poem,"Ice" signifies human hatred, indifference,insensitivity and coldness.He thinks "Ice" as a driving force would also be sufficient as to devastate the world.

Difficult Words:
3)Suffice:To be sufficient.

Rhyme Scheme:
abaa bcbcb

Poetic Devices:
1)Metaphor:The whole poem where "Fire" and                             "Ice" signifies other human vices.
2)Alliteration:'the world will','some say' and                                       'favour fire' are some examples of                                 alliteration in  the poem.
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About Author:
Robert Lee Frost (March 26, 1874 – January 29, 1963) was an American poet.Known for his realistic depictions of rural life,he was honored frequently during his lifetime and is the only poet to receive four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry.

NCERT Questions:
A) Thinking about the Poem.

1)There are myraid ways predicting the end of the world.Apocalypse can come in the form of "Fire" or "Ice" Anything which is created must end to give a pathway for the next.Recent climate changes are evident of the the fact that
much of our land is going to be submerged in the water in the near future.All these are pretty scary but we still have not changed and to carry out activities which are destroying our climate.

2)In the poem,"Fire" signifies greed,lust,cruelty,avarice,conflict and fury.On the other hand,"Ice" signifies intolerance, rigidity, insensitivity,coldness,indifference and hatred.According to the poet,these human vices will lead to the destruction of the world.

3)The rhyme scheme is "abaa" for stanza 1 and "bcbcb" for stanza 2.It helps in bringing out the contrasting ideas substantially.It also helps the readers to relate and make the poem sound good.

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