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A Tiger in the Zoo;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 10

                          A Tiger in the Zoo
                                          -Leslie Norris
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This poem revolves around the contrasts between a tiger in a jungle and a tiger in a cage.It describes how even animals long for freedom and liberty.

In the above lines,the poet describes a tiger in the zoo living in a cage.He quietly roams around his tiny cage as compared to his habitat in the jungle.The last line shows he is quiet but he is definitely angry.

In this stanza,the poet describes a tiger in the jungle living freely.Sliding through long grass,he is waiting for his prey.He is hiding near the pool of water where deers usually come to quench their thirst.

Again in the above lines,the poet has described a tiger in a jungle.He has asserted how the tiger would have been snarling at houses at the corner of the jungle.His claws and sharp canines symbolise his strength and physical acumen.
With his roar,he would have been terrorising the village.

Here,the poet comes back to the tiger in a cage.
Here,the tiger is locked behind the bars.He just cannot move and keeps moving around the length of the cage.He is so sad and frustrated to be confined that he ignores the visitors coming to see him.

In these lines,the poet describes the tiger in the cage.The tiger can do nothing as he is behind the bars.He keeps remembering his days in the jungle and remains sad.During the night,the last sound he can hear is the sound of the patrolling cars.He becomes nostalgic and keeps staring at the brilliant stars.

Difficult Words:
1)Stalks:(Here)Move around quietly.
3)Plump:A fat and stout organism.
4)Snarling:Making an angry sound.
5)Fangs:A large sharp tooth, especially a canine                 tooth of a dog or wolf.

Poetic Devices:
1)Enjabment:Line 2 and 5 have no punctuation                           marks in 3rd line.
2)Alliteration:Use of 'h' in "he hears".
3)Assonance:Use of vowel sound 'i' i.e. "in his                              vivid strips" and "with his brilliant".
4)Oxymoron:"Quiet Rage".
5)Personification:The tiger is referred to as 'he'.
6)Consonance:Use of 's' sound i.e. 'stalks','his'                                and 'stripes'.
7)Metaphor:Tiger's paws are compared to                                  velvet.(Pads of Velvet)

Rhyme Scheme:

NCERT Questions:
A)Thinking about the Poem.

He stalks in his vivid strips.
The few steps of his cage.
His strength behind bars.
Stalking the length of his cage.
Ignoring visitors.
He hears the last voice at night.

He should be lurking in shadow.
Sliding through long grass.
He should be snarling around houses.
Terrorising the village!


2)i)This refers to the tiger's padded paws living in forced luxury.His steps are quiet as they are confined to the limited steps he can take in the cage.Here,the 'anger' and 'ferocity' of the tiger is suppressed as he is in a limited space and he can terrorize no village.The quietness is somewhat symbolic of suppressed natural traits.

ii)And even at night,the tiger is not at rest.He is completely aware of his surroundings and becomes restless everytime he thinks about his freedom being curtailed.The 'brilliant' means luminous in above lines.And he keeps wondering if he will ever be able to go back to the jungle.

The repetition helps the poet bring about a more beautiful touch in the poem.This repetition also helps the poem memorize better.

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