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A Letter to God;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 10

                            A Letter to God
                                               - G.L. Fuentes

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This is a story set in Latin America.The central character in the story is Lencho.He is a farmer who barely earns enough to make both ends meet.However,he has unshakeable faith in God.
The story is centered around the fact how much faith a man vests in the Almighty.

Lencho farmed corn in his cropland.In order to get a good harvest,every crop needs water.However,his field were deprived of rain for a long time.He prayed for a little shower if not a downpour for his fields.His prayers were perhaps heard and the shower of rain came.However,soon it changed into a hailstorm and devastating all of Lencho's crops.The field looked like as if it was covered with salt.Not a single crop was left untouched as everything was rendered devastated.

That night everybody was upset.Their was only one hope in all their hearts,that was help from God.

That night Lencho thought deeply.His only hope in this depressing time was God.Next,he did the impossible.He wrote a letter to God.In the letter,he described his dilemma and asked for a hundred pesos so that he could sustain his family till he gets the next harvest.

He himself went to the town to send the letter.He affixed a stamp and dropped the letter  in the mailbox.He had written "To God" on the envelope.

When the postmaster got hold of the letter,he was amazed at the amount of faith the man had in God.He didn't want the man's faith in the Lord to be faded.He decided to give a response to the letter.The postmaster gave a part of his salary,asked his friends to donate,and even his employees donated for the cause.Instead of all of this,he could only raise seventy pesos.

Next week,Lencho visited the post office again.He was handed a letter by the postman.Lencho was not all surprised.His confidence in God was huge.But he became agitated when he counted the money.He again wrote a letter and posted it.

When the postmaster again saw the letter,he was astonished.In the letter,Lencho explained how he had only got seventy pesos.He had asked for the rest but however he had told God not to send it by mail.He described that the post office employees were a bunch of crooks!

Difficult Words:
1)Crest:Top part of something.
2)Downpour:A heavy fall of rain.
3)Regarded:Pay attention to; Heed.
4)Hailstones:A pellet of hail.
5)Hillside:The sloping side of a hill.
6)Plague:A collective noun.
9)Goodwill:Friendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings or attitude.
10)Resolution:A firm decision to do something.
11)Pesos:A currency in circulation in Latin America and some parts of Asia.
12)Affixed:Stick, attach, or fasten something to something else.
13)Fist: A person's hand when the fingers are bent in towards the palm and held there tightly, typically in order to strike a blow or grasp something.
14)Mailbox: A public box in which letters and packages are placed to be collected and sent out.
15)Locusts:Insects which usually destroy crops.

About Author:
Gregorio Lรณpez Fuentes was a Mexican novelist, poet, and journalist. He was one of the leading chroniclers of the Mexican RevolutionLater on, he became a teacher of literature at a school in Mexico City.His first success was Campamento (Encampment) in 1931.[1] This was followed by Tierra (Earth) in 1932, a novel about the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata and ¡Mi general! (My General!)

NCERT Questions:
A)Thinking about the Text.
1)Lencho had complete faith in God.He wa always confident that God would help him.The sentences "It was nothing less than a letter to God"."The following Sunday Lencho came a bit earlier" is also evident of the fact that Lencho believed in God.

2)The postmaster sent the money to Lencho because he didn't want the man's faith who had writen this letter wane in God.He even signed it with 'God' as he wanted that the man should realise that God has provided him with assistance.

3)Lencho never made any attempts to find out who had sent the money to him because he had huge faith in God.He was quite certain that God would see his despairing situation and help him.

4)When Lencho received seventy pesos instead of the hundred he had requested,he became disappointed.He thought that the rest of the money was looted by the post office employees.
The irony in the situation was that the post office employees had actually helped the farmer.However,he was under the impression that the post office employees were a bunch of crooks.

5)I think there are very less people in this world who are like Lencho.Usually,they don't have such huge faith in God.The appropriate word should be 'naive'.

6)These conflicts in the story have been beautifully illustrated by the author.
•The first conflict was when Lencho had expected that the shower will irrigate his fields.So that,he could have got a good harvest.But the opposite happened when the rain changed to hailstorm.It completely destroyed his crops.
The second conflict was when Lencho calls the post office employees a bunch of crooks.He thought that they had robbed his money which was sent by God.On the contrary, actually they were the ones who had gone out of their ways to help him in his crisis.

B) Thinking about Language.

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