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A Triumph of Surgery;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 10

                  A Triumph of a Surgery
                                                    -James Herriot
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The story "A Triumph of Surgery" revolves 
around a pet dog named Tricki who had suddenly fattened a lot and his owner 
Mrs.Pumphrey.The narrator isa veterinarian doctor who helped Tricki in losing his fats and gaining back his original size.

One day,while going through a street,the narrator saw Tricki on the pavement.He was very shocked to see his appearance as he had suddenly become hugely fat.His eyes were bloodshot and rheumy and his tongue lolled from his jaws.

Her mistress explained the narrator that from the last few days that he seemed to be  listless and having no energy.Because of that she has been giving him some extra small food between the meals.She also had to relent and gave him the sweeets he craved for.

The narrator felt sorry for Tricki.The pet dog would always eat what was given to him irrespective of the time.The narrator also found that he was n't given proper exercise.The narrator also warned he must be forbidden from eating the sweets and other delicacies.

Soon,Mrs.Pumphrey called the narrator and told her about Tricki's odd behaviour.He refused to eat anything and had bouts of vomiting.He didn't want to do anything.The narrator had earlier predicted these and he immediately left to fetch him.The only way to cure Tricki was to get him out of the house for a while.

Tricki lived in the surgery for a few days in order to get completely healed.The narrator took a firm approach to heal Tricki.He gave him a lot of water rather than food.Within a few days,he was starting to show interest in his surroundings.He was given little medicinal treatment but a lot of physical activity as well as mixing with the other dogs.

All this while Mrs.Pumphrey called a dozen times a day to inquire about Tricki and his health.The narrator didn't delve into the details and just told her that he was out of danger and was convalescing rapidly.In order to facilitate the speedy recovery and improve her pet’s strength, she started sending fresh eggs. To enrich his blood, she sent wine and brandy. Herriot and his partners at the surgery
were very much surprised at the lavish supply,
and they enjoyed themselves with all these
supplements during their meals.

After some days,he told Mrs.Pumphrey that her dog Tricki had completely recovered and was awaiting collection.This made Mrs.Pumphrey quite satisfied and immediately reached to fetch it.

The narrator went inside the surgery and fetched him.Upon seeing Mrs.Pumphrey,he took off from the narrator's arms and sailed into Mrs.Pumphrey's arms.Mrs.Pumphrey generously thanked him and told him that this was 'a triumph of the surgery'.

Difficult Words:
1)Bloated:(Here)Excessive in size or amount.
2)Rheumy:A watery discharge from a mucous membrane especially of the nose or eyes.
3)Lolled:(of a part of the body) Hang loosely.
4)Hastened:Be quick to do something
5)Tackle:Make determined efforts to deal
6)Lumbago:Muscular pain in the lower part of the back.
7)Ring-Throwing:The ring-throwing is an activity involving animals or humans after a ring is being thrown.
8)Regime:A system or ordered way of doing things.
9)Drooping:Cause to bend or hang downwards.
10)Fortnight:A period of 14 days or 2 weeks.
11)Swooned: A partial or total loss of consciousness.
12)Roused:Cause to stop sleeping.
13)Kick:(Here)No power.
14)Surgery:A place where a doctor, dentist, or other medical practitioner treats or advises patients.
15)Sniffing:Characterized by or resembling the sound of air being drawn in audibly through the nose.
16)Trotted:Run at a moderate pace with short steps.
17)Slopped:Spill or flow over the edge of a containe
18)Headlong:In a rush.
19)Scrimmages:A rough and confused struggle.
20)Tramped on:Tread on and crush.
21)Hovered:Linger close at hand, especially in a hesitant or uncertain manner.
22)Convalescing:To recover rapidly.
23)Reverently:With deep and solemn respect.
24)Lithe:Thin, supple, and graceful.
25)Hard-Muscled:Fit and strong.
26)Jostling:Struggle or compete forcefully for.
27)Swarmed:Move somewhere in large numbers.
28)Bouts: A short period of intense activity of a specified kind.
29)Tweed:A rough-surfaced woolen cloth.
30)Harness:A set of straps and fittings.

About Author:
James Alfred Wight, better known by his pen name James Herriot(1916-1995),was a British veterinary surgeon and author.In addition to the books, there have been several television and film adaptations of Wight's books, including the 1975 film All Creatures Great and Small and the BBC television series of the same name, which ran 90 episodes.

NCERT Solutions:
A)Think about it.
1)The narrator,James Herriot,was a wonderful person.He went out of his way to help others.He was a intelligent man but was also full of common sense which made him wise.He always made sure that he handled every situation coming on his way effectively and tactfully.

2)Tricki was indeed happy to go home.Nobody dislikes coming to home and he was no exception.I think that Tricki will be healthy and fit after that and Mrs.Pumphrey would mend her ways for the good of everyone.

3)In my opinion,it is a real-life episode.There are many instances around us of such situations where because of over-indulgent pampering sort of attitude has destroyed children as they keep demanding for more.Moreover,such attitude is usually seen in affluent people living like Mrs.Pumphrey.

B)Talk about it.
1)Those sort of people are usually sillya and their intentions are not bad.However,their over-indulgent attitude can turn into an issue for some people and may result in their harm.

2)Their are parents in our society and circles who love their children unconditionally and fulfill all the wishes of their children.This results in a creation of an attitude in the students which can result in loss in the long run.

3)i)I would have warned Mrs.Pumphrey that such an attitude can prove to be detrimental to Tricki.I would try to make her understand the situation Tricki would be in if she persisted her attitude.

ii)I would have told Mrs.Pumphrey that she should immediately bring some changes in Tricki's lifestyle and diet otherwise it would prove harmful for Tricki.

By looking at Mrs.Pumphrey's dilemma, I would have tried to bring the necessary changes in my life as well in order to avoid the consequences.

4)I would have also taken tje same approach as the narrator and tried to cut down on the intake of Tricki's food.I would have ensured that he gets enough physical activity to stay fit and healthy.

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