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Books for Class 12th CBSE in English.

In order to excel in English in any class you need to have some books on the basis of which you can study for the whole year.Let's see some of the books which are a must.

I)NCERT Official Books:

For Class 12th,these are

•Flamingo:This is the primary reader on the basis of which English is taught in the CBSE educational institutions for 12th grade.The book contains both chapters devoted to prose and poetry.There are 14 chapters in all out of which 8 are prose chapters while 6 are poems.

•Vistas:This is the supplementary reader where most of the stories are just for giving the students insight into life.The book is however less important from the perspective of examinations.The book contains chapters only related to prose.

II)Reference Books:

For Class 12th,these are

•All in One:This is a book by Arihant Publications.This book comes integrated with grammar chapters too.You can get it if you want simple explanations of the chapters.It also comes with some salient features such as test preparation modules,extra questions as well as some previous year questions.The publishers are always the first in the market to bring out the latest edition following the latest guidelines by CBSE.

•Evergreen:This is a book by Evergreen books.The book comes bundled with another book which contains pull-out worksheets for grammar.The book is intended for those who can understand complex terms and want in-depth analysis of everything.The book also contains ncert solutions but in an unsystematic way.The publishers also sometimes heavily delay the publication of the latest edition which may turn into a problem for some students.

•XamIdea:This is a book by VK Global publications.The book too comes with an integrated grammar module.The book,however,isn't consistent in its approach.Sometimes the lessons are beautifully explained whereas sometimes they have ended up explaining an entire chapter wrong.They are brisk in bringing out the latest edition every year according to the latest CBSE guidelines.

*Between all the books,All in One is the best according to us.However,you may opt for the other books as well according to your needs.And buy a reference book only if you feel the genuine need of it.You will be eventually getting better quality texts from this website.Why waste your money?

III)Question Banks:

For class 12th,these are

•Oswaal Question Bank:This book is published by Oswaal books.They simply don't have any competition in the market as of now.You can get one to get access to rigorous practice questions as well as exhaustive mind maps and test papers.

IV)Sample Papers:

For Class 12th,these are

•Oswaal Sample Papers:This book is published by Oswaal books every year.They again are the best in this niche.They have very less competition in the market again.They come bundled with the official CBSE Sample Paper as well as other sample papers both solved and unsolved.

•XamIdea 20+:This book is published by VK Global publishers too.The book is good though most of the sample papers bring questions with them which have never come in the examinations.However,it has more than 20 sample papers.

*Always make sure you get the latest edition of the sample papers as CBSE pattern keeps changing every year.

*Please take English seriously from now on as it
is also calculated as a subject in the Boards and it may ruin your boards.
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