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MCQs for The Last Lesson for Class 12.

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According to latest examination pattern for CBSE 10th and 12th grade students,MCQs have become a vital assessment tool for the students to assess their performance.Here,we provide you with the MCQs of The Last Lesson.

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1)Who is the author of the lesson "The Last Lesson"?

Jane Austen
Rabindra Nath Tagore
Alphonse Daudet
None of these

Correct Option:Alphonse Daudet

2)The origin of Alphonse Daudet

New Zealand

Correct Option:France

3)Which human tendency is highlighted in the story "The Last Lesson"?

Male Chauvinism

Correct Option:Procrastination
M.Hamel,a French teacher,told his students how if they and he himself had not
procrastinated,they would have been able to learn their mother tongue.

4)What does the "The Last Lesson" symbolize?

Loss of Freedom
Loss of Language
Loss of Language and Freedom

Correct Option:Loss of Language and Freedom
In this chapter,the author has highlighted how subjugators force their own language in order to weaken a nation.

5)What do the marching soldiers under the windows represent?

Dawn of Prussia in the defeat of French people
Defeat of Prussia
Victory of France
None of these

Correct Option:Dawn of Prussia in the defeat of    French people
Prussia was slowly capturing land from France and conquering their territory to establish their superiority.

6)From where did the orders come to teach only German in the districts of Alsace and Lorraine?


Correct Option:Berlin
Headquarters of the Prussian army was at Berlin from where all the declarations ans orders came.

7)Why was Franz hesitating to go to school?

Wanted to enjoy warm sunlight
Wanted to see soldiers drill
Wanted to enjoy outdoor
His lesson on participles was not prepared

Correct Option:His lesson on participles was not prepared
Franz had not been able prepare his lessons on participles which he was assigned as homework.He was afraid that he might get scolded for not preparing his lessons sincerely from Mr.Hamel.

8)What did Franz find on reaching the school?

People were dancing
School was closed
Police Patrolling
Strange Quietness

Correct Option:Strange Quietness
Franz's school usually hustled with activity.However,that day the school felt eeriely calm.

9)What did Hauser bring?

Old Primer

Correct Option:Old Primer
Hauser usually brought the primer,an elementary reading textbook,with him to the class,and uses it to help the youngest students read their letters.

10)Why were the Parents sending their children to the farms and mills?

To play
To meet friends
To meet relatives
To earn money

Correct Option:To earn money
People in those times were not financially sound.It was expected that their children should also be put to work so that they can supplement the family's income.

11)Why did Mr.Hamel call the French language the most beautiful language in the world?

Because it was the clearest and most logical
Because it his native language
Because he was from France
None of these

Correct Option:Because it was the clearest and most logical

12)Why was Franz feeling regretful and sad?

For reaching late
Change in the government
For not learning his mother tongue
For not learning participles

Correct Option:For not learning his mother tongue
Franz usually showed no interest in learning French language.However,when he heard that M.Hamel would no longer be able to teach them,he was upset as he had already missed a golden opportunity of learning his mother tongue.

13)What had been put up on the Bulletin Board that day?

To teach only French
To teach only German
To speak only English
Teach all these

Correct Option:To teach only German
Orders had directly come from Berlin that in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine,only German would be taught and it will become the primary medium of communication.

14)What made Franz and the people realise about the preciousness of their mother tongue?

M.Hamel's Words
School Orders
School Principal
Sudden Orders from Berlin

Correct Option:M.Hamel's Words
Mr.Hamel made his students and all the fellow villagers the importance of their mother tongue,they were completely moved.He told them how one's mother tongue is the key to liberty for an enslaved person.

15)What had Mr.Hamel brought for his students on his last day in school?

New Pens
New Notebooks
French Sweets

Correct Option:New Notebooks

16)What bad news used to come from the Bulletin Board?

Lost Battles
Orders of Commanding Officer
All of these

Correct Option:All of these

17)Who was M.Hamel?

Language Teacher
School Principal

Correct Option:Language Teacher 

18)Which language would the students study from the next day?


Correct Option:German

19)What does the expression "In great dread of scolding" mean?

To be happy about it
Very badly scared of scolding
To be indifferent
None of these

Correct Option:Very badly scared of something

20)What attitude of Mr.Hamel surprised Franz?

Soft and Kind
Firm and Strict
None of these

Correct Option:Soft and Kind

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