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Speech Writing for Class 11

A public speech means the act of speaking and interacting with a live audience directly.It is delivered by a speaker for a particular purpose.

Speech writing,on the other hand,is a completely different domain where you write a speech which you or someone else will deliver later.

A speech usually contains 3 primary parts.Let's see the format.These are:


The introduction includes 3 parts.
Greet your audience.Ensure that everything is formal.
Introduce yourself.Tell the audience or the panel your name.You are advised to speak your name in the format "I am .... " rather than "Myself ...." as the former one is more likely to be considered correct.
Introduce your theme or topic.Make the audience aware what is your topic.Add the template lines:
"I am grateful to have been given this golden opportunity to express my views on the topic 
......... ."

Please keep in mind that you have to keep this part of the speech concise.

This includes all the things you wish to present before the audience as a speaker.Here,as it is a speech,make sure your views are not given much significance.

At first,explain your topic.Make the audience feel that your theme holds some importance and they can relate to it.

After this,present the facts and data about the topic.Also make sure you throw light on the advantages and disadvantages of the things you are talking about it.Mention the solutions to the problems,if any.Ask some questions in between and put some relevant examples in the middle.

This part of the speech is bigger than the other two.Make sure you put your brains into work in this section!

In this section,make sure you include your advice or your opinions.But don't make it too lengthy.Make sure you end within 3 sentences at maximum.

Also,make sure you thank your panel of listeners for listening to you patiently.A template sentence can be:
"Thank you!You have been an amazing audience for listening to me."

Some points to remember:
1)While attempting a question based on speech writing,make sure you start writing it from a new page altogether.This way you can present ten whole writing in one page.

2)Note down the question on the top of the page.

3)Speeches are usually written in present tense.Make sure you follow that and make necessary changes wherever needed.

4)Make sure your speech can interact with the audience and give them some clarity on this subject matter.

5)Systematic organization of the ideas and the overall script can certainly make the speech feel a bit more polished.

6)A speech needs to be coherent and present only a specific kind of point of view.

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This example is an answer of one of the toppers of Class 12 board exams.

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