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The Ghat of the Only World;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 11

                The Ghat of the Only World
                                              -Amitav Ghosh

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"The Ghat if the Only World" Amitabh Ghosh is a brief piece of writing about his Kashmiri friend Shahid,who within his brief period of friendship with the author had completely touched the author's heart.He had asked the author to write something about him when we would be no more and the author wrote this memoir to keep his promise.

On 25th April,2001,Agha Shahid Ali,for the first time spoke to the author about his approaching death.He had a malignant tumour and wanted the author to at least write something about him after his death.Shahid very well knew the author and made him agreed upon this.The author started making notes after knowing this desire of Shahid of their encounters and telephonic conversations.He was doing so in order to write about him.

The authors fascination for Shahid dates back to a time when they were not friends. Shahid had collected a few anecdotes, stories and incidents and combined it to give a name 'The Country Without a Post Office' which has left a lasting impression on the author's mind. 
It was only through a friend that they had met but only remained acquaintances.When Shahid moved  to Brooklyn and started living in the same neighborhood as the author,they got closer upon frequent brunches.Gradually,with time,they found they had a great deal in common.

Shahid was very cheerful in attitude even when he knew where his ailment was taking him. Image your he is surrounded by other people all the time which is why he never became sad.
There used to be a party in his residence almost daily with a person or two in the kitchen cooking his favourite dishes while he kept giving them directions amidst the party.

The author describes how Shahid was the centre of a permission carnival and cheer. He would endlessly talk about Begum Akhtar, his favourite Ghazal singer and her anecdotes of witty replies. However, you are equally sad and disturbed seeing the violence conflict in the region of Kashmir from where he actually belonged. He often recounted various memories he had while he grew up in the valley.

When the doctors declared his condition was critical,he aired his intense desire to return to Kashmir so that he can spend some of his last moments in his motherland. Due to logistical reasons,he could not go there.He had also told the author once how he would love to reunite with his mother in his afterlife.

Now, Shahid has left this mortal world, the author has realised the different shapes to breed has left him with the void large and big. He realised how a bond so short can have a lasting impact on somebody.

Difficult Words:
1)Expatriate:A person who lives outside their                              native country.
2)Quizzical:Indicating mild or amused                                        puzzlement.
3)Malignant:Very virulent or infectious.
4)Bereavement:The action or condition of being                              bereaved.
5)Bardic Register:A poetic style.
6)Impede:Delay or prevent by obstructing them.
7)Rogan Josh:An aromatic curried meat dish of                            Kashmiri origin.
8)Roshanara Begum:A popular Pakistani                                                   vocalist.
9)Conviviality:The quality of being friendly and                             lively.
10)Sorcerer:A practitioner of magic used for evil                       purposes.
11)Transmute:Change in form,nature or                                          substance.
13)Suture:A stitch or row of stitches holding                          together.
14)Lorca:Gracia Lorca who was a Spanish poet                     and dramatist.
16)Groggier:Dazed and weak from any kind of                            illness.
17)Gregariousness:The quality of enjoying the                                        company of other people.
18)Foyer:An ejtrance hall or other open area.
19)Dour:Relentlessly severe in appearance.
20)Haak:A Kashmir dish.
21)Prefigure:Be an early indicator or version of.
22)Repartee:Conversation characterized by                                 witty comments and replies.
23)Exasperated:Intensely irritated and                                              frustrated.
25)Feigned:Simulated or pretended.
26)Swoon:Be overcome with admiration.
27)Blackout:A condition which affects one's                              memory.
28)Intermittent: Occurring at regular intervals.
29)Inclusive:Not excluding anything.
30)Ecumenical:Uniting members of different                                   religions.
31)Accoutrements:Things needed for a certain                                      activity.
32)Assiduous:Taking great care that everything                            is properly done.
33)Fanaticism:The quality of being very                                          sensitive about religion.
34)Fixture:A person who is well-established in a                     particular place.
35)Logistical:Related to the process of                                          organising something.
36)Inextricably:In a way which is impossible to                               separate.
37)Chemotherapy:A therapy given to cancer                                        patients.
38)Afterlife:A life after death.
39)Consolation:The comfort received by a                                        person after a loss or                                                disappointment.

About Author:
Amitabh Ghosh is an Indian writer. He is the winner of the 54th Jnanpith award, India's highest literary honour. He is known for his work in English fiction. He has many books to his credit such as 'The Shadow Lines' and 'Gun Island'.

NCERT Questions:
A)Reading with Insight.

1)Shahid Ali was a multifaceted personality and appears to be a sensitive soul.He was a native of Srinagar and studied in Delhi. Later in life, he migrated to America and served in various colleges and institutions. He was the centre of a perpetual carnival and an endless mela of talk, laughter and poetry. He was a fine scholar and brilliant teacher and was also loved by his pupils.He was always thinking about Kashmir and the mounting violence in the valley. He often wrote poems related to Kashmir. Shahid Outlook was ecumenical and he never believed in mixing politics and religion. He suffered from a malignant brain tumour and cancer but never lost his cheerful and lively spirit.

2)Once Shahid asked the writer if he would write something about Shahid once he will be dead. Shahid knew his death was near.He had made peace with the fact that he would soon be leaving this world.He never showed any sign of sadness or disappointment that he was leaving this world. But, the writer on the other hand could never accept this thing and was unable to tell anything to Shahid.He just reassured him that you will be fine. From that day onwards, the narrative started keeping the records of their conversation so that he will be able to write something for Shahid.

3)The term 'diaspora' means a dispersion of an originally homogeneous entity such as language or culture. In this piece of writing,Indian diaspora is quite prominent.From the text, we come to know about a large number of Indians who have settled in foreign countries such as USA or UK.
Agha Shahid, his brothers, two sisters,Suketu Mehta and the writer himself former small part of the Indian diaspora in America.Shahid belonged to Srinagar but migrated to America in 1975 where is elder brother was already settled. His sisters also joined them later.However,the never forgot about their roots and feel a sense of unity and keep meeting each other on various occasions.

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