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Birth;NCERT Solutions and Summary for Class 11

                                           -A.J. Cronin
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"Birth" by A.J. Cronin is a brief excerpt from "The Citadel" where Andrew Manson plays the protagonist.He is a freshly graduated medical student.This is a brief account of how the newly graduated medical practitioner helped in delivering a child of a couple who were already married for twenty-years.This is an exceptional case as he was also having a tough time with his girlfriend Christine.

The story begins with Andrew walking towards his home after having an unpleasant time with his girlfriend,Christine.Upon reaching his residence,he found that Joe Margan was waiting for him.Joe told Andrew that he was expecting his first child and was very anxious.Andrew takes his suitcase which had all the accoutrements needed in the process.They went to Joe's plce then and Andrew entered the house which was completely silent.He realised that there was some time left before Susan,Joe's wife,would deliver the child.Susan's mother gave him some tea and while sipping the beverage,he kept contemplating about his girlfriend.He was in between a conflict where he thinks how his friends are having a hard time in their marriages while he keeps believing that marriage is meant to be something peaceful and cheerful.

His train of thoughts was derailed when the nurse called for him.The doctor performed the procedure with due care and the child was delivered.But the child was lifeless and the condition of the mother was also rapidly deteriorating.He decided to first pay attention to the mother and he knew he had to act fast.
Susan was almost pulseless. Immediately injected her with a few medicines and worked unsparingly to restore the flaccid women. After a few moments,her heart strength and and he left her to turn his attention towards the newly born baby.

He found that the boy was perfectly formed and everything about the child was lovely and wonderful except the fact that he was lifeless.
He was quick to remember that it is a case of restricted oxygen supply. He immediately instructed the nurse to get hot and cold water.
After getting what he wanted, he juggled the child in hot and cold water recurringly. Even after all this efforts, the child was still lifeless. Everybody else had lost hope but the doctor kept carrying out with procedure. Finally, the child started breathing and this was a miracle. Everybody uttered a prayer to God for saving the newborn.

Andrew left and also informed Jo outside that everything inside was well with both the mother and the child.Joe was very happy. While walking to his home after a tiring night, Andrew was finally feeling satisfied. His heart was full of having accomplished something real in his life. He immediately took a decision in his mine that he would make sure that everything between him and Christine would be alright. For the first time in life,he was truly understanding what was love.

Difficult Words:
1)Burly: Someone large and strong.
2)Missus:A person's wife.
3)Perceptive:Showing sensitive insight.
4)Premonition:A strong feeling that                                                  something unpleasant is going to                            happen.
5)Midwife:A person trained to assist women                          during childbirth.
6)Bach:A term of endearment.
7)Fret:Be constantly in worry.
8)Overwrought:In a state of anxiety.
9)Rustle:A soft sound made by the movement                      of dry leaves.
10)Cinder:Extrusive igneous rocks.
11)Grate:A metal frame for holding fuel in a                          fireplace or furnace.
12)Probing:Inquiring closely into something.
13)Muddled:Not clear or coherent.
14)Morbidly:In an abnormal and unhealthy                                  manner.
15)Sordidly:Morally ignoble.
16)Shrewish:Bad-tempered or aggressively                                 assertive.
17)Dismal Failures:Something that is bad in a                                        depressing way.
18)Wince:Make a slight involuntary movement                      of the body out of pain.
19)Idyllic State:Pleasing or picturesque in                                       natural simplicity.
20)Resentful:Feeling or expressing bitterness at                          having been treated unfairly.
21)Broodingly:Deeply or seriously thoughtful.
22)Chloroform:An organic compound used in                                 surgeries widely.
23)Anaesthetic:A drug which is used to lose a                                  patient's sensation.
24)Landing:A level area at the top of a staircase                       or between it.
25)Elapsed:Pass or go by.
26)Exertions:Physical or mental effort.
27)Resuscitate:To revive someone from                                            unconsciousness.
28)Ether:An organic compound widely used in                      pharmacy.
29)Ebbing:Gradually decrease.
30)Ampule:A small sealed glass capsule                                   containing a liquid.
31)Flaccid:Lacking vigour or force.
32)Hypodermic:A syringe or injection.
33)Feverish:Characterised by displaying a                                 frenetic excitement or energy.
34)Sodden:Saturate with water.
35)Tallow:Hard fat of animals used for                                    industrial purposes.
36)Lolled:Hang loosely.
37)Haggard:Looking exhausted and unwell from                        fatigue.
38)Asphyxia:A condition where the body is                                  deprived of oxygen.
39)Pallida:(Latin)To look pale.
40)Ewer:A large jug with a mouth used for                           carrying water.
41)Lax:To be completely relaxed.
42)Consternation:A feeling of anxiety or dismay.
43)Draggled:Dirty and wet typically from mud or                         water.
44)Sopping:Wet through.
45)Stillborn:Born dead.
46)Pigmy:Small and tiny.
47)Convulsive:Producing or consisting of                                        convulsions.
48)Heave:Lift or haul.
49)Giddy:Having a sensation of dizziness.
50)Unavailing:Achieving little or nothing.
51)Redoubled:Make or become much greater or                            more numerous.
52)Iridescent:Showing luminous colours.
53)Blanched:Having been briefly immersed in                             boiling water.
54)Linoleum:A floor covering material made                               from plant products.
55)Scullery:A small kitchen or room used for                             carrying out dirty household work.

About Author:
Archibald Joseph Cronin was a Scottish physician and novelist.He was born on 19th July,1896 and died on 6th January,1981.His best known novel "The Citadel" describes the life of a Scottish doctor in a Welsh mining village,who then shoots up the medical ladder in London.

NCERT Questions:
A)Reading with Insight.

1)The young doctor Andrew Manson had done a truly commendable job.His exclamation is really justified as he had literally saved 2 lives.He was successful in restoring both the mother and the child to perfect health.Susan Morgan's strength was ebbing after the delivery.She was almost pulseless but the doctor gave her an injection amd worked unsparingly to save her and he was totally sucessful in this.However,the next big thing was to resuscitate the stillborn baby.He remembered from his studies that this might be a case of restricted oxygen supply.He juggled the baby alternatively between hot and cold water.The child still showed no movement but he never lost hope and continued his procedures which finally led to a response by the baby.For Andrew personally,this was a solid and real achievement.

2)Usually,the medicines and diagnosis prescribed by doctors are usually found in textbooks of medical sciences. However, sometimes some cases come upon for the situations truly test the doctor's capability and skills.In those cases, the physician's experience, resourcefulness and practical approach becomes more vital.A doctor who has the right knowledge of medications along with the necessary common sense can easily handle these demanding situations.

3)Yes,I have seen and heard of incidents good people have been brought back to Life from the brink of death through proper and correct medical help.In the past few decades,healthcare technology has taken large strides resulting in groundbreaking innovation in the sector. Surgical procedures,life saving drugs and other methods such as organ transplant and regeneration has played a primary role in modern medical sciences.These technologies have successfully saved many lives.

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